Our Values

Honestly Natural

Lots of products say they are natural and buzz words like eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic can cover a multitude of sins. When we say ‘natural’ we mean sustainable, renewable ingredients that are kind to your skin and the earth.

For clarity we put our percentage of natural ingredients on the front of all our labels. We define our natural ingredients as ‘naturally occurring’, ‘derived from nature’ or’ nature identical’.

Why are some products not 100% natural?

Our customers want the best products that truly deliver results. To achieve this, we sometimes use ingredients that aren’t natural. Rest assured, the non-natural ingredients used are proven to be safe and we are always confident with our formulations.

Cruelty Free

All our products and ingredients are cruelty free. We have never and will never test on animals.

We clearly label our products that are vegan friendly.

We do use Beeswax and Lanolin in a small selection of our products. These safe and effective ingredients are responsibly sourced, and no animals are harmed in the process.

Made in the UK

Our award-winning natural formulations are all made in the UK from responsibly sourced natural ingredients. We blend our aroma-therapeutic natural fragrances in Somerset, UK using the finest essential oils.

Planet Friendly

We strive to make our packaging as planet friendly as we can. Where possible we will always choose fully recyclable, sustainable local materials and suppliers. Our packaging is either made from glass or a minimum of 50% PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic). Our decorative cartons are made from FSC approved card which is harvested only from sustainable and well-managed forests. We even use biodegradable chips in our online orders that can be composted or dissolved in water.

We are always working hard to bring innovation to the market and our packaging is no different. For further information about recycling our packaging, please see our blog post.