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5 reasons why you should own a face oil

Facial Oils are truly the holy grail of skincare products. They feed and nourish the skin, and can improve the skins firmness, hydration and tone, giving you a brighter complexion. Read on for the top 5 reasons that you should add an oil into your skincare routine, from Balance Me Co-Founder, Rebecca Hopkins. 

1. Air conditioning systems and the natural elements strip moisture from the skin, causing dehydration which is the primary cause of a dull complexion. Just two drops of the Radiance Face Oil helps to lock in moisture and deliver essential nutrients for a dewy complexion. For those travelling during the summer, our Radiance Travel Kit is the perfect choice, and will give you a beautiful healthy glow and help provide the skin with much-needed Vitamin D.

2. It may be hard to believe, but oils are great for combination and oily complexions too! They bring balance back to the skin, helping to moderate sebum production and soothe breakouts. If you suffer with acne, try our Rose Otto Face Oil, it’s formulated with Pure Rose Oils to minimise redness and calm aggravation.

3. Are you worried about your skin reacting? Fear not, our Rose Otto Face Oil contains a mixture of essential oils well known for their benefits on sensitive and red complexions. The calming properties can even help heal scar tissue and smooth uneven skin tones. So much so, that customers that suffer with roseacea find that daily use of our Rose Otto Face Oil helps to soothe and prevent any breakouts.

4. If you want a dewier finish to your foundation, use oils to enhance your makeup look. Simply massage a few drops of our Radiance Face Oil into the skin before applying moisturiser, or mix a drop into your foundation to quickly create a flawless, sun-kissed look.

5. What's more, face oils can actually aid the absorption of additional products that you layer on top. The oil molecules help to transport skin-strengthening active ingredients deeper into the skin, allowing them to work with greater efficacy. At night time, apply a layer of oil after your moisturiser and wake up with noticeably plumper, perfected skin!