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Dream Meanings

10 Common Dreams and What They Mean

Sweet dreams or beautiful nightmares? Decipher the meaning with these 10 most common dreams

Sweet dreams or beautiful nightmares? While our minds rest our subconscious has a chance to flourish and it can invent some pretty crazy scenarios. If you’ve been experiencing a reoccurring dream it could be your subconscious trying to tell you something. Decipher the meaning with these 10 most common dreams;

1. Falling

Perhaps the most common reoccurring dream, falling in a dream is your subconscious highlighting that you’re feeling out of control and missing security in your waking life.

2. Flying

Feeling like a super hero lately? If your soaring through the sky in your dreams you’re feeling inspired by life, you’re feeling free! If you’re having trouble flying assess what it is that might be blocking your path for insight into what could be holding you back in your waking life.

3. Teeth

Teeth falling out is another very common dream. This symbol occurs during times of stress, or when you’re feeling things are out of control. You’re not feeling as confident as usual and could be worrying about how people are perceiving you.

4. Test/Exam Day

This symbol represents anxiety about failing in your responsibilities, perhaps you’ve taken on too much and feel overwhelmed by your to-do list.  This dream can also occur when we feel unprepared for something. 

5. Nakedness

Have you been feeling vulnerable lately? Dreaming you’re in a public place naked means you could be feeling a little exposed or unprotected in a certain situation.

6. Water

This represents emotion, notice the colour and movement of the water in your dreams. This will give you a good indication as to how you’re really feeling. Is the water clear and calm, or stormy and muddied? Water reveals emotions you may need to confront.

7. Friends

Friends in a dream represent your own personality traits. Perhaps showing some you may not be aware of or suppress in your waking life.

8. Pregnancy 

To dream you are pregnant suggests growth, either in a project or circumstances. It can also represent new responsibility, for example a new job.

9. Running

This symbolizes escape, you could be moving from one situation into another. If you’re running with ease in your dream it can symbolize working towards a goal, you’re feeling motivated. If you feel as though you’re running on the spot, it represents the opposite.

10. Death

Don’t panic! This isn’t a bad omen; it’s a symbol representing endings and transformation. You or someone close to you could be experiencing a period of big changes. It represents endings making way for new beginnings.

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10 Common Dreams and What They Mean
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