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3 Beauty Experts, 3 Balance Me Favourites

3 Beauty Experts, 3 Balance Me Favourites

We asked the high-profile Powder team what their can't-live-without Balance Me products are. The results are in.

Powder is the new beauty site we’re all a bit obsessed with at Balance Me. Containing the latest and greatest beauty advice and product recommendations from the UK’s leading Beauty Editors. The best bit is that everything you read has been tailored specifically for you. This includes product recommendations for your skin type and concern, but also a live beauty feed full of expert beauty articles, products and videos created with you in mind!

We asked the high-profile team at Powder what their 3 can't-live-without Balance Me products are. Below is the edit of our natural skincare they think you need on your dressing table now:

Powder Publisher Bethany Bolt: Rose Otto Hand Cream

“I have two main criteria when it comes to hand cream - something that smells good AND doesn’t make my hands over greasy (a day ruiner when you then accidently touch your hair and transfer said grease). This one comes up trumps on both counts.  Aside from working it’s wonders to smooth and hydrate hands (even ones that are border-line sandpaper) it’s really, really light and the Rose Otto Oils smell even more lovely than it sounds. I heard it stops tell-tale hand aging too. I’m listening…”






Powder Beauty Producer Alix Rentsch: Collagen Boost Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser

“This shifts every scrap of my make-up (no matter how much I piled on!) without having to roughly scrub at skin. It’s packed with peptides to plump up collagen, which translates as - your skin will look much, much brighter and there’ll be no post-cleanse-tight-face feeling either. Expect a few compliments.”






Powder Deputy Beauty Producer Catherine Scale: New and improved Anti-Ageing Face Serum

“Apart from being so happy this has been re-launched with a pump rather than a pipette (much less fiddly!), the new formula is packed with vitamin A  - your cells will  get a kick of energy so they can busy themselves making your skin look more even, toned and pumped up. And a bonus feature: it sits really well under make-up too.”







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