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Lip Quench Balm

3 Steps To Prevent ‘Prickly Pout’

Quick tips to prevent chapped lips and keep you smiling!

We’ve all been there, its bitter outside and our usual happy smile has been replaced with chapped, dry lips. We don’t mind the cold (well, not too much) but we do mind the damage it causes to our sensitive pout. Here are our top 3 tips for healing and preventing that prickly pout sensation.

1. Avoid petroleum lips balms. It may feel as though these are relieving and repairing dry skin but they are not. This a quick remedy and really causes more harm than good. If you need to use a lip balm opt for one that is sans-petroleum. Our Lip Quench Balm contains organic butters that instantly soothe, using natural ingredients will help to heal as well as alleviate sore lips.

2. Do not lick your lips! This is very drying and will cause the skin to become even more sore and chapped. Gently exfoliate lips with a dry toothbrush instead, by removing the dead skin you will help to prevent further irritation and the need to lick your lips.

3. Apply a protective balm before bed and before going outside into the cold. Creating a shield against harsh winds will help protect the damaged areas, giving skin the time it needs to heal. Applying a lip balm at night will allow the product time to absorb moisture and recover.

Remember these simple tips and you'll have hydrated, happy lips in no time!


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