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Discover 5 body beautifying benefits of spearmint oil that you never knew before

5 body beautifying benefits of spearmint oil

Thought spearmint was just for chewing gum? Think again!

Spearmint oil is a multi-functional ingredient that we swear by in our Skin Brightening Body Polish. Discover why spearmint oil is great for summer skin with these 5 body beautifying benefits:

1. It instantly cools the skin, which works wonders at relieving tired toes and refreshing the body after a hot day. Jump in a cool shower and apply all over the body to revive yourself in a flash.

2. Spearmint essential oil helps to reduce swelling and water retention by stimulating circulation and the lymphatic system. Take 5 minutes to massage Skin Brightening Body Polish into skin in circular motions, towards the direction of the heart to enhance lymphatic drainage further and notice firmer, smoother skin within a matter of weeks.

3. It’s zingy, refreshing aroma awakens the mind and senses to get you pepped up for the day ahead. Use in your morning shower to clear your mind and come out feeling energised.

4. Spearmint oil is a natural decongestant, meaning that it can help to treat and prevent spots. If you suffer from spots on your back, chest, legs or arms then massage our gentle Skin Brightening Body Polish across your body as part of your weekly routine. The spearmint oil will provide antiseptic benefits to soothe and calm existing breakouts while the natural sea salts will slough away dead skin cells, creating smoother, clearer, brighter skin across the whole body.

5. Spearmint oil can even keep away mosquitoes! Pop a Skin Brightening Body Polish in your travel bag and use in your evening shower as a natural bug bite repellent.


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