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5 Easy Swaps To Cut Down Sugar

5 Easy Swaps To Cut Down Sugar

Easter is around the corner and sugar is everywhere. Read on for 5 swaps you can make right now to cut down on your sugar intake

Gone are the days of the Atkins diet, where fat was the enemy. Everyone’s current nemesis is sugar. The white refined stuff comes with a bunch of calories, and NO nutritional value. Cutting down on sugar will give you more energy, less of those afternoon slumps, make your skin glow and seriously cut down your risk of health problems. It has been linked to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease as well as causing spikes in insulin levels. This can result in inflammation, and disruption of the hormones that can affect your skin.

Follow these 5 simple swaps to help you cut down on the white stuff:

1. Swap your simple carbs for protein at breakfast. The average breakfast cereal contains mountains of added sugar, as well as being a simple carbohydrate, which causes your blood-sugar levels to spike. You can thank your cereal for that mid-morning biscuit craving. Including proteins in your morning meal keeps you fuller for longer. Try having a boiled egg after your oats, and adding cheese or yoghurt to your breakfast.

2. Swap the humble potato for the sweet potato.  Sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index, so help to stabilize your energy levels. They are also higher than regular potatoes in vitamin A, which helps with skin cell turnover.


3. Swap the afternoon biscuits for dates. Biscuits are empty calories and full of sugar, and once you have one, you just can’t stop. Try switching your afternoon biccies for a couple of fat, juicy dates. Dates are naturally high in sugar, so will satisfy your sweet craving, but are also jam packed with vitamins and minerals. Try adding a spoonful of nut butter to your dates to balance out the sugar and keep you fuller for longer.


4. Swap sugary drinks for fruit teas and lemon water. Even so-called ‘healthy’ drinks can be packed with sugar. Flavored waters and fruit smoothies are packed with sugar but won’t fill you up. Keep hydrated throughout the day with water and try having a fruit tea for something different. Goji berries in hot water are delicious!


5. Swap milk and white for dark chocolate. Don’t deprive yourself of the good stuff. Chocolate with high cocoa % are the best ones for you, containing anti-oxidants, just try to satisfy your craving with a few squares, not the whole bar!

Cutting out sugar completely is unrealistic for most people, so making these simple swaps and enjoying the sweeter things in life in moderation is the way forward. It’s all about balance!


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