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Beat the Skin Hangover Blues

Beat the Skin Hangover Blues

Festive parties, late nights, new year planning and one too many cocktails made your skin look a little worse for wear? Here are our tops tips to get your skin looking and feeling fresh the morning after!

  1. Keep your Flash Cleanse Micellar Water and Wonder Eye Cream in the fridge. Alcohol acts as a diuretic so your skin can look a little puffy so keep products in the fridge to counteract this. Hydrate your skin from within so drinking plenty of fluids is essential; plus a few spritzes of our Hyaluronic Plumping Mist will brighten and plump your skin from within.
  2. Dry body brush to drain toxins. If last night’s margaritas are still swirling around inside you, your body might be full of toxins. Help your own detoxifying process by dry body brushing in firm strokes towards the heart. Use two brushes – it’s quicker and follow with a good helping of our Super Toning Body Oil which features our bespoke blend of juniper, bergamot, lavender and geranium.
  3. Use a face oil and give your skin a quick 5-minute massage. It doesn’t need to take too long but facial massage is a great way to de-puff and drain toxins. It will also help to fake ‘an eight hours sleep’ face by giving you an instant lift. Our Rose Otto Face Oil is suitable for even the most sensitive skins, so it’s perfect if you’re feeling a little delicate (and it smells divine). Concentrate on the jaw line, starting from the chin and moving up towards the ears. Then move to your nose and press up just beneath the cheekbone to enhance definition. Avoid the delicate under eye area. Just a couple of drops are enough; don’t over-do it as skin might be greasy if you’ve indulged in any salty, fried party snacks.
  4. Keep a facial spray in your arsenal at all times to aid a hangover! It cools, refreshes, calms and hydrates. Our Hyaluronic Plumping Mist fits perfectly into any handbag.
  5. Don’t fancy heavy makeup after a night out? We don’t blame you. Let your skin breath whilst also covering the bits you want to hide (such as eye bags and pesky spots!) Use your fingers to work in a small amount of our BB Natural Protection SPF 25; which hydrates and protects whilst giving glow and radiance. Dap our Stellar Beauty Balm on lips (drinking alcohol dehydrates them badly) and also on the highs of your cheekbones to reflect some light. A quick swipe of your favourite mascara and you’re ready to tackle the day!


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