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What causes dry skin?

Causes of dry skin

Suffering with dry and uncomfortable skin? Let us help you understand the causes.

Summer is here! Our skin will soon be soaking up its annual dose of Vitamin D and freckles will be returning to the tips of our noses. However, for many baring a little more skin in the warmer seasons means taking extra care to ensure that skin is looking its best.

Dryness can take its form in scaly, rough or dry patches of sometimes uncomfortable and itchy skin; it may also feel ‘tight’ and can be flaky. This can be embarrassing and frustrating and if the cause is not understood, it is even more difficult to find appropriate treatment. Let us help you understand what is at the root of those dry patches that simply won't budge...

What is dry skin
Dry skin is a result of a lack of oil within the skin. Our sebaceous glands produce a natural protective barrier against evaporation of water from our skin called sebum, which is made up of natural fatty acids, sugars and waxes, helping to maintain a healthy hydration level in the skin. Those struggling with dry skin do so because they lack this protective layer, causing moisture in the top levels of the skin to evaporate too quickly. Most often environmental factors or a lifestyle choices are to blame for a lack of sebum. In more severe cases, dry skin can lead to inflammation, often referred to as atopic dermatitis or eczema, which can be uncomfortable, and frustrating if left untreated. Find out more

Causes of dry skin
Dry skin can be caused and exacerbated by a number of external factors such as sun exposure, changing weather conditions, air conditioning and central heating as well as overuse of cleaning agents or synthetic soaps which can strip skin of the natural oily protective barrier. Some of these attributors can’t always be avoided but we want to ease your minds and keep you clued up on small ways to boost your skin’s moisture levels.

Be aware of the impact changing seasons can have on skin's hydration levels; during winter the air has less humidity which can upset the skin's balance and central heating can only strip skin of more moisture. Take extra care to protect skin accordingly, ensuring areas prone to dryness are covered when out in dry winds and consider tweaking your skin care routine slightly to account for these external factors such as applying a richer moisturiser paired with a hydrating oil or serum. Our Rose Otto Face Oil is perfect to apply beneath moisturiser as it is packed full on anti-oxidants to protect skin from environmental damage, as well as containing a blend of rose essential oils to hydrate and soothe.

Small changes such as increasing the amount of water you drink throughout the day as well as eating foods with higher water content will ensure you are steadily giving your skin that little boost of moisture. Make sure you are always wearing gloves to protect your hands from chemicls in cleaning agents and consider a reshuffle of your skin care cabinet. Balms, oils and creams are perfect for keeping dry skin happy; consider switching your foaming face wash for a nourishing balm or cream cleanser, which will remove your make up whilst deeply cleansing, giving your skin the comfort and nourishment it needs rather than stripping it. Moisturisers address the surface level of our skin so if dry patches are a persistent annoyance for you consider going for one that is a little richer and will nourish your skin.

Next, find more tips on How to treat dry skin.


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