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Sian and Coco

Celebrate all kinds of mothers this weekend

Balance Me is using the Mother’s Day weekend to celebrate all the inspirational motherly figures that support us throughout our lives, as well as our own very special Mums. We found that even within our head office team, we have different examples of the non-traditional mother and could all talk for hours about the different motherly figures that we feel should be heralded this weekend. We want to use this opportunity to thank all of these women for their years of nurturing and caring. 

It is often the little things in life that touch us the most. Take time to nurture these important ladies and let them know you care; whether this is with a simple phone call, a quick cup of tea or a beautiful gift. Still stuck for ideas? Sit back and delve into the tales of influential women here at Balance Me, and how our natural skincare can offer some comfort and benefits to the lives of those around us.

Sian, Balance Me Director and aromatherapist, mother and step-mother: As well as being a mum to my daughter Coco-Rose for the past three years, I have been a step-mum to Camilla for a lot longer, in fact since I was 23!  Although I have to say neither she nor I have ever really used the words ‘step-mum’ (as they didn’t really suit) and Camilla already has a wonderful, beautiful mum in her life.  I always say to people who ask, that the bond you create between yourself and a step-daughter (for want of a better word) can be incredibly strong and real. It isn’t something assumed or automatic as you have with blood kin, but instead it is something that both must choose to want.  I have often looked at ways that I could support and nurture Camilla in ways that complements the role of her own mum and I think we both benefit from having another caring and loving female relationship in our lives.  The product I use most with Camilla is our Super Moisturising Hand Cream as she has suffered from Psoriasis and Eczema from a young age. Our hand cream has been mine and now her ‘go-to’ product to keep the signs and symptoms at bay.

Rebecca, Balance Me Director and mother of two daughters under 10: I feel very inspired that my daughters are interested in Balance Me and what I do. I think it has instilled a strong work ethic in them and I believe they will be excited to explore their own interests and make careers out of these, when the time is right. Wise words from mine and Clare’s own inspirational mother were ‘you will always feel guilty as a mother, and the key is not to feel guilty. If you’re happy and fulfilled, your family is happy!’ As such, weekends are sacred family times and also we try to plan family holidays and trips to ensure we have lots of time together that is free from working agendas. I care for my family with our beautiful rose otto body wash, which I have used every day since its creation. The girls and I love the scent and the way it makes our skin feel, plus it makes everyone comment on how lovely our house always smells! I am a great believer in ‘less is more’ and I am very much a ‘no make-up, make-up’ kind of woman, so I rely on our radiance face oil and BB natural protection cream to keep me cool, calm and collected when juggling a busy work load, my role as a mother and any stressful situations which may arise in between! I hope that my two daughters learn from each other as much as Clare have done over the years as we have grown our beauty business. Clare taught me in my early twenties about the art of body brushing and introduced me to our super toning body oil, which she created aged 18 and which is brilliant for toning… plus sinks in quickly to allow for speedy dressing afterwards – essential in my house in the morning! I haven’t been able to stop using it since that day! I will often find my girls mulling over with each other on how they could take over the Balance Me business when they grow up whilst also juggling their ambitions to be a professional athlete and teacher, respectively. It is lovely to see them encouraging each other’s dreams!

Clare, Balance Me director and mother of two small children under 4: As a busy working mother lots of people ask me which product I find most useful for my young family.  My favourite wash to use on both my children is our rose otto body wash. I also love it too! It is sulphate-free so it doesn’t dry theirs or my skin. The rose oils are great for their young, sensitive skin and the wash is so natural, I feel really confident that I’m using a product that will gently clean our skin. And something that my mother used to always warn me was that small children always find a way to get very mucky! I love the rose otto body balm. I use it on both myself and my children after bath time. It is 100% natural and keeps their skin really soft and well moisturised. It also smells beautiful and rose is fantastic for sensitive baby skin. I find it gives my skin a really healthy sheen and sinks in beautifully, without being greasy.

Helen, retail manager and auntie:  I love my role as auntie to my two little nephews and almost feel like a mum, especially as I was there at both of their births! I do not have children myself but I know I am like a second Mum to them.  I have introduced the multi-tasking stellar face balm to combat Jake’s nappy rash, and he is a very happy two year old.  My five year old nephew Max has just started playing rugby at the weekends.  In addition to taking him along on a Sunday morning, I care for him by using the stellar face balm to protect his knees and elbows from the chilly weather while he is running around.

Caroline, PR & marketing assistant and grand-daughter: Not many people are able to say that they have a grandparent that is in their nineties. My Nana has dedicated the last seventy years of her life looking after my mum, my auntie, my sisters and myself, which is why I would like to treat her this weekend. She is never, ever seen without her handbag on her shoulder, and if it is more than a metre away from her, or if someone edges towards it she starts to feel panicky. We had never seen the inside of her handbag and thought its contents would always be a mystery. Until last year when she fell ill and we had to start caring for her, which she found very difficult to deal with, always being such a private, independent person. This year, I will be treating her to some handbag candy with the super smoothing hand cream duo. When she is feeling stressed or tired we can work these beautifully scented creams into the hands that have worked so hard to care for us all over the years (the only difficulty will be getting near enough to her bag to be able to access them)!

Alex, PR manager and honorary daughter to family friends: I am lucky enough to have had many strong, inspirational women in my life, including my mum’s two best friends Jane and Rona. They have been a constant in my life and many of my happiest memories involve them and their families, I never laugh as much as when I’m in their company!  There is something immensely comforting about having people who have known you your whole life around you and I can’t wait for them to be there at my wedding in August; I know they will be amongst the most raucous members of the party, as well as contributing hugely to our day by growing flowers and helping to decorate our barns. Their friendship and support over the years makes them almost more than family and they have been an inspiration to me and my own friendships. Both Rona and Jane love a spot of gardening, so they deserve some rose otto hand cream to nurture their green fingers.


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Celebrate all kinds of mothers this weekend
Super Moisturising Hand Cream 100ml

100ml £10.90 £14.50


The Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream protects and soothes chapped and dry hands, flooding them with hydration. Benzoin and Yarrow are ancient skin conditioners that soften the delicate skin on hands. Shea Butter is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins to deeply hydrate and sooth the skin. Kukui Seed Oil gives a silky smooth feel and protects against the visible signs of ageing.

Celebrate all kinds of mothers this weekend
Radiance Face Oil 30ml

30ml £22.50 £30.00


Dubbed ‘dewy skin in a bottle’, Radiance Face Oil is bursting with ingredients to feed and nourish the skin. Amazonian Buriti Nut Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which help improve skins firmness, hydration and tone. Rosehip Fruit Oil addresses uneven skin tones and pigmentation, while Yarrow and Chamomile Oils have powerful anti-inflammatory and calming properties.

Celebrate all kinds of mothers this weekend
BB Natural Perfection SPF25 40ml

40ml £19.50 £26.00


BB Natural Perfection SPF 25 offers sheer, hydrating coverage as well as natural protection from the suns UVA and UVB rays. Packed with two different types of Hyaluronic Acid, this BB cream plumps the skin from within and gives an instant shot of moisture. Blackberry Leaf Extract is a powerful antioxidant, which protects from pollution and free radicals, whilst Titanium Dioxide naturally reflects the sun’s harmful rays.

Celebrate all kinds of mothers this weekend
Super Toning Body Oil 200ml

200ml £15.00 £20.00


One of the first Balance Me products ever created, Super Toning Body Oil is 100% natural and works to deeply hydrate and tone the skin. It contains a unique blend of Juniper, Bergamot and Geranium oils, to improve circulation and give the skin a more refined appearance. Jojoba, Wheat Germ and Macadamia oils are bursting with essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins to smooth away imperfections and target cellulite.

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