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Cleansing rituals for the Easter four-day break

Cleansing rituals for the Easter four-day break

The bank holiday weekend is finally upon us and we would like to wish you all a very happy Easter! Easter is about celebrating new beginnings and so why not profit from the four-day weekend and revisit your daily Balance Me skincare routine, in particular how or if you cleanse! Often a rushed step in any daily skincare ritual, cleansing is vital to keep skin healthy, refreshed and protected from external and internal factors that can lead to ageing. If you invest in a good cleanser, your skin will reap rewards. Effective cleansing is a wonderful weapon whatever your age or skin type. Unless you properly clean your face before applying your Balance Me oil, serum or moisturiser, the natural goodness within these products cannot be absorbed properly into the skin as they are blocked by cellular debris and make-up. By remembering the importance of this basic skincare step, you will find that post Easter you’ll be flaunting a refreshed, bank holiday complexion despite enjoying a weekend of chocolate indulgences.

But which Balance Me face cleanser will best suit you?

For those of you who prefer a wash-off face cleanser or wish to smooth and improve the appearance of more oil-prone complexions, try Balance Me pure skin face wash. Cleanse your face of make-up and daily grime and achieve a balanced, clean complexion without stripping away your skin’s natural moisture levels. Hilary, our Operations Manager says that this is her favourite “because it does everything – cleanses my skin, removes my makeup, leaves my skin soft. It’s cut down my beauty regime without leaving anything out, plus the wash off aspect really helps to wake me up first thing in the morning”! To use, smooth over the face and neck, gently massaging in circular movements to dissolve make-up and dirt. Then simply rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

For the oil-based face cleanser addicts which include co-founder Rebecca who loves the fact this cleanser is housed in a hygiene-friendly tube (no finger-dipping, water dripping required), our 100% natural Balance Me cleanse and smooth face balm is a daily must-have. It offers a dual cleansing and smoothing action to enhance skin’s natural radiance, whatever your age. Anti-oxidant rich Arctic cloudberry, gentle Roman chamomile and red mandarin cleanse away daily grime and make-up while gently polishing oatmeal sloughs away dead skin cells to leave skin renewed, radiant and calmly clean.  To use, simply warm a small amount of balm in clean hands and smooth over the face and neck with circular massaging movements for 30 seconds. Next, apply warm water and massage for a further 30 seconds. Finally, wet the muslin cloth provided with warm water and remove balm residue from your skin.

Think cleansing as well as chocolate this weekend and boost your skin’s natural radiance as a result!


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Cleansing rituals for the Easter four-day break
Pure Skin Face Wash 125ml

125ml £12.00 £16.00


Pure Skin Face Wash is a sulphate-free, wash off cleanser that removes dirt and balances excess sebum. Great for invigorating the senses and packed with anti-oxidant rich Spruce Knot and Grapefruit Oil that purify the skin. Calming Aloe Vera combined with anti-inflammatory Moringa Oil make Pure Skin Face Wash the ideal, gentle cleansing solution for blemish or acne prone skin.

Cleansing rituals for the Easter four-day break
Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm 125ml

125ml £15.00 £20.00


Suitable for all skin types, Balance Me's Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm polishes and illuminates skin. A trio of Shea, Mango and Cocoa butters that are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins plump and nourish the skin. Oat Powder gently exfoliates, whilst the antioxidant powers of Artic Cloudberry protect and hydrate. Virgin Coconut Oil and May Chang have impressive anti-bacterial properties.

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