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Collagen Boost

Collagen Boost

We are delighted to introduce our brand new Collagen Boost range which has been two years in the making and is finally now available!

Welcome to our brand new Collagen Boost range.

This range is our most innovative to date thanks to a unique peptide complex designed to smooth, firm and boost collagen levels, offering protection against premature ageing. We want everyone to feel happy and confident within their skin and encourage a pro-age way of thinking. So, whatever your age discover your skin at its most glowing, healthy and youthful with Collagen Boost.

What is collagen and what do peptides do?

The peptide complex is integral to all the products in the Collagen Boost range and whilst peptides are often highlighted in the beauty industry, we understand that they can seem confusing if you aren’t too sure of their purpose.

Within our skin we have collagen and elastin fibers; collagen is what keeps our skin plump and voluminous, whilst elastin keeps our skin smooth and taut. Think of your collagen and elastin fibers as the scaffolding keeping your skin strong. The ingredients in our brand new range include a complete source of Essential Amino Acids, which string together to form Collagen and supply nutrients to the skin from within, strengthening the so-called ‘scaffolding’ responsible for keeping skin looking smooth and plump.

Our peptide complex tricks skin into reproducing collagen and prevents a deterioration of volume and subsequent appearance of fine lines for all skin types. Not only is it super charged with cutting-edge ingredients, which push the boundaries of botanically sourced anti-aging skin care, you will find our Collagen Boost range to be gentle and soothing for even the most reactive skin.

What makes the Collagen Boost formulation so unique and results-led?

  • Tri-peptide – 100% naturally derived peptide that supports and stabilises the collagen helix to keep skin plump and firm.
  • Pea peptide – 100% natural peptide that contains 22 known Amino Acids, meaning this is a concentrated source of skin-boosting nutrients.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – holds over 1,000 times its weight in water to give immediate skin plumping results.
  • Blackberry leaf extract – super powerful anti-oxidant that reduces the impact of all environmental damage and free radicals such as sun damage, redness, inflammation, dryness and irritation. It also prevents degradation of collagen and elastin to strengthen and protect individual skin cells and reduce existing signs of ageing.

Try our Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser for a deep cleanse to calm sensitive skin and remove all traces of make up without dryness or irritation thanks to the concentrated blend of active botanicals and softening butters. Apply to dry skin and remove with warm water, cotton pads or a warm and damp washcloth.

Follow with our Restore and Replenish Face Cream for a boost of Omega essential fatty acids. The uplifting blend of neroli, frankincense, rose and geranium make this face cream feel luxurious whilst the peptide complex gets to work firming, plumping and smoothing skin.

Rosie Underwood, Beauty Director at OK! Magazine says "My skin's looking more radiant, firmer and plumper every time I use [Restore and Replenish Face Cream]."

See what all the hype is about and shop the range here.


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