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Combination skincare routine down to a t-zone

Combination skincare routine down to a t-zone

Combination skin can be frustrating. Most of us will have experienced it at some point in our lives. Several dry, red patches, the odd pesky breakout around an otherwise sensitive chin, or an oily t-zone alongside dehydrated cheeks. The truth is, rarely is our skin entirely uniform, and different areas need different skincare.

We’re here to help! Follow our simple routine to keep your skin in balance:


1. Pick a cleanser that won’t strip away your natural oils or disturb your skin’s protective barriers. Our Pure Skin Face Wash is for you if you’re skin is a little more on the oily side, and you prefer a deep cleanse without the associated tightness. Our Hot Cloth Cleanse And Smooth Face Balm with oat powder is the perfect solution if you prefer an oil-based balm to polish and smooth. All our skincare is sulphate (sls/sles) free which helps to minimise any skin irritations. Make sure you read the ingredients list before you make your purchase.

2. Target your treatments to address each need. Our masks can be used locally on different parts of your face. We find multi-masking is the way forward for combination skins! Try our exfoliating Radiance Face Mask down your t-zone if you’re skin’s feeling congested. It’s packed with aha fruit acids, which are suitable for gentle enzyme exfoliation. Then, if your cheeks are more sensitive, or a little dehydrated, we recommend something that’s richer and more nourishing like our Stellar Balm. It’s formulated with balancing and revitalising neroli oil and plumping Mango & Shea butters to leave your skin dewy and glowing.

3. Use serums and moisturisers as and where your skin will benefit from the added oil or moisture. Our Congested Skin Serum is designed to soothe and calm so we recommend applying it directly onto blemishes, or all over a particularly congested area. If you’re prone to an oily t-zone, it may be worth using moisturiser only on your cheeks if they are dehydrated and try a lighter cream, such as our Balancing Face Moisturiser if you’re nervous to use too rich a cream. Don’t be afraid to be prescriptive with your skincare and treat different parts of your face with relevant products. Keep it simple and don’t overload you skin.


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