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Feeling The Burn?

Feeling The Burn?

Spent a little too long in the sun? Committed the cardinal sin of not applying enough SPF? Read on for our top tips to deal with sunburn. 


Keep your skin cool by pressing a flannel soaked in cold water or filled with ice against it. Have a cold bath or shower, and make sure you sit in the shade or keep burnt areas covered up for the following few days.


Apply products to the skin that contain Aloe Vera. Well known for its healing qualities, Aloe soothes itchy, reduces redness and is excellent at calming sunburn. High in cooling properties, this plant extract will be your saving grace for inflamed skin. For sunburn on the body, Balance Me Rose Otto Body Cream - £22 & Wash - £15 and Revitalising Hand & Body Lotion - £12.50 & Wash -12.50 all contain Aloe Vera. For the face, sweep a cotton pad soaked in Flash Cleanse Micellar Water - £16 over the skin, and follow with any Balance Me moisturiser, as all contain Aloe.

TOP TIP keep your products in the fridge so they give an instant shot of cool hydration!


If you’ve burnt your skin so badly that it’s scabbed or broken, its important to keep the wound clean and make sure it heals quickly. Stellar Beauty Balm - £18 contains May Chang, an essential oil with anti-bacterial and antiviral properties, which makes it great for calming and healing broken skin. Shea, Cocoa and Mango butters will keep the burn hydrated and contain an impressive cocktail of vitamins to nourish the broken skin. Simply smooth all over the burn and re-apply when needed.


To avoid burning in the first place, SPF is obviously essential, but fake tan can give you the colour without the danger to your skin. Tan Organic and Green People are great options for natural tans that don’t make you look orange.  


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