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Finding our balance with The Step Up Club

Finding our balance with The Step Up Club

As part of our International Women’s Day’s celebrations, we hosted a breakfast alongside The Step Up Club and a group of inspiring women. Founded and run by career experts, Alice Olins and Phanella Mayall Fine, the Step Up Club isn’t just changing the way we talk about careers, it’s broadcasting its message of self-belief and practical determination through every corner of today’s workplace.

The breakfast was themed around BALANCE and we invited a host of inspiring women to allow them an hour of Me Time, to share and discuss the importance of balance and to give ourselves permission to prioritise ourselves.

Whether you’re looking for better balance at home, in work or maybe you’re just interested to know what we were discussing all morning we have highlighted our top tips below:

Top Balance Tips

  • Give yourself a digital switch off time. Ours is 9pm. Works a treat for relaxing the mind.
  • Combine your hobbies with your family/friends so take your children to tennis with you, or go for a run with your colleagues. Let’s unite and find balance together.
  • Enjoy the journey, rather than pressurising yourself for immediate success. Your careers are long, enjoy the ride.
  • Don’t take pride in being busy. This is a false and dangerous measure of success, we are not believers.
  • Take time for self-care. Try by turning your quick cleansing routine into a 5 minute facial massage – our Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm comes with a muslin cloth which is the perfect accompaniment for a facial massage

Alice and Phanella are complete Balance Me converts and use our products as part of their ‘Me Time’ routines, so we thought we’d share their favourite Balance Me products below.


  • Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm: “My sensitive, problem skin was literally cured by this gentle, nourishing cleanser”
  • Wonder Eye Cream: “A great eye cream and concealer in one: my perfect time-saver for rushed weekday mornings.”
  • Stellar Balm: “My new wonder product. Dry lips, neglected feet, winter skin all gone with some love from this little pot of stellar balm.”


  • Super Moisturising Body Wash: “This luxurious body wash actually makes me feel good, however badly I’ve slept! The smell is endlessly invigorating.”
  • Restore and Replenish Face Cream: “Balance Me’s facialist Mandy taught me how to properly massage my skin for amazing result. This moisturiser the nourishing final touch.”
  • Hyaluronic Plumping Mist: “I travel quite a bit, and my skin suffers. This is a natural, refreshing and satisfyingly potent facial mist. I never leave home without it.”

We hope this post has been insightful and helped you on your journey to achieving more balance. For more information on the amazing Step Up Club visit


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