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Veroniek Vermeulen

Forever Young Skin Through Meditation

We asked Veroniek Vermeulen, meditation expert and founder of ‘Silatha’ how meditation can help to keep you looking youthful. 

We all want youthful, beautiful, glowing skin. Skincare, diet and exercise all play crucial roles, yet have you considered the impact stress may have on your skin?

Stress boasts a wealth of negative short-term effects. It can cause acne, rashes, blemishes, dry skin and bad circulation to name just a few. Worrying will also keep you awake at night and minimal beauty sleep means puffy eyes and bags. Then more significantly there’s the long-term impact. Stressing releases the hormone cortisol. In small doses this is okay, but if you’re highly stressed long term it can accelerate the ageing of your skin. Cortisol has the power to dull skin, minimise cell rejuvenation, create age spots and enhance wrinkles and lines. Our face muscles also react interestingly to periods of stress. We scrunch up our face, furrow our brows, frown and purse our lips. Our muscles work by memory, so over time we repeat these facials more and more. No surprise these can lead to new or deeper lines where you don’t want them.

So how to turn those frown lines into smile lines? And help skin regenerate, glow and shine from within? “If you have good thoughts they’ll shine out of your face like sunbeams” - Roald Dahl. Maintaining positive thoughts are perhaps easier said than done. Yet if you can have a peaceful mind your halfway there. No surprises meditation is the cure for many modern ailments and can also combat stress. It helps us unwind, drop blood pressure levels and learn to enhance our positive emotions like joy. 

Silatha is a unique brand that aims to make meditation more accessible for the everyday women with a busy life. Their 21-day meditation app guides you through the basics from breathing to posture to your train of thought. The jewellery is inspired by the ancient Tibetan Buddhist symbol the Dorje, it sits against your heartbeat throughout the day helping to keep you balanced.

The Silatha Dorje is set a gemstone. You can choose from ten, each enhances a different inner qualities you want to grow. Strength? Compassion? Peace? Take their quiz to see what stone best suits you.

Take that yoga class, start meditating and set aside some time for you. However you decide to minimise stress in your life your skin and health will thank you for it!


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