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Clare and Rebecca

How do you achieve your body balance?

We quizzed Balance Me co-founders, mums, sisters and wives Clare and Rebecca Hopkins on how they find their Body Balance.

As busy working mums – what time of the day do you find it easiest to fit in a workout or exercise?

Rebecca “For me, exercising at the weekend is best, because we can involve the whole family. Going for a bike ride with everyone doesn’t even feel like a workout and my eldest daughter comes to yoga with me on a Saturday morning and we play tennis together, which I love. During the week I run very early in the morning before the rest of the house is awake!”

Do you find it easy to have a balanced diet? What is your top tip when it comes to eating during a busy day at work?

Clare “I naturally like healthy food, but I do also believe everything in moderation – so I have a really good fresh coffee every day and a cup of tea. I also drink alcohol, but in moderation. For lunch I’ll buy fresh soup and bread if I’m in a hurry. We tend to always cook from scratch at home in the evenings, even if it is very simple food. The only takeout we like is fresh chicken shish kebabs cooked with salad and rice from our local Turkish restaurant. It’s so yummy”

Do you take any supplements to help balance your body?

Rebecca “I have a very balanced diet so haven’t felt the need for supplements on a regular basis, but sometimes I do feel I need a little boost. I love the brand Bare Biology and am a big fan of their Lion Heart Pure Omega 3”.

What is your favourite body product and why?

Rebecca “The Super Moisturising Body Oil is very special to me, as it was created for me when I was pregnant with my first child, nearly 14 years ago, and I have been using it ever since. I love Neroli and find it oil particularly hydrating, especially when I use it overnight.”

Clare “Super toning body oil, which I first created aged 18. I always body brush with two brushes – it’s faster - every morning before I shower and then I apply our oil on my legs, thighs, hips, bottom and tops of arms to help with tone and minimise cellulite. At first it was a bit of a chore doing it everyday, but now I just do it without thinking.”

When your body is out of balance, like a cold or illness, what is your top tips for recovering?

Clare “Rest, don’t exercise, get enough sleep and drink lots of water. Try to keep away from your computer and phone. It’s hard running a business and not being on my emails, but when I’m feeling run-down, taking a break from technology really clears my head. Certain ingredients and foods can help –Echinacea to build immunity is really effective.”


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How do you achieve your body balance?
Super Toning Body Oil 200ml

200ml £15.00 £20.00


One of the first Balance Me products ever created, Super Toning Body Oil is 100% natural and works to deeply hydrate and tone the skin. It contains a unique blend of Juniper, Bergamot and Geranium oils, to improve circulation and give the skin a more refined appearance. Jojoba, Wheat Germ and Macadamia oils are bursting with essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins to smooth away imperfections and target cellulite.

How do you achieve your body balance?
Super Moisturising Body Oil 200ml

200ml £17.20 £24.50


Balance Me’s Super Moisturising Body Oil is nut-free and a firm favourite with women during pregnancy. Jojoba Oil is bursting with essential fatty acids and vitamins to keep the skin elastic and supple. Rosehip oil works to rejuvenate lack-luster skin and helps fade stretch marks and scars, whilst Neroil oil deeply hydrates and plumps parched skin.

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