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How I achieve my balance - Lucinda Miller, NatureDoc

How I achieve my balance

Meet Lucinda Miller, Naturopath, Iridologist, Herbalist, blogger, author & parent

Lucinda Miller is the NatureDoc. She is the go-to naturopath for children’s health in the UK and runs clinics in Sloane Square, London and Stockbridge, Hampshire. She writes a blog, with simple and effective tips for brighter, happier children, as well as a recipe site, dedicated to delicious and healthy recipes for tricky diets. She is also writing a book. She has been practicing as a naturopath, iridologist and herbalist for around 20 years and has a diploma from Functional Medicine University. She is the mother of three young children and lives in Wiltshire.

You’re a successful naturopath; can you tell us a bit more about this?

I have the best job in the world, 20 years on I still pinch myself! Every day I meet incredible parents determined to help their kid’s get their health back on track and ensure they reach their true potential. In my clinics I teach parents how nourish their kids with healthy food, herbs and food supplements. We see some amazing turnarounds, and this warms my heart daily.

Why was it important for you to find wellbeing through natural sources?

When my health went downhill in my early 20s the doctors had no answers, so I turned to diet and food supplements and I was incredibly surprised to feel so much better within 10 days. It was like flicking a switch in my health and my energy levels soared, I was hooked! I truly believe that nature knows best.

 As a parent, are there any natural treatments or remedies you always keep in your house?

We keep things quite simple at home as healthy food keeps us pretty well. Epsom salts baths sorts out all sorts of niggles. I always have ginger root and lemons in my fridge in case of sniffles. We also have probiotics in the fridge to help when there are tummy upsets or sore ears.

What is the most important thing you’ve learnt whilst practicing naturopathy?

Treat everyone as an individual and teach people to listen to their own body, so they can take control of their health.

When you want to pamper yourself and unwind, do you have a failsafe way to switch off?

I don’t have much time to pamper myself, but my absolutely essential daily ritual is a long soak in the bath before bed. It is my only time for 'me time', and always helps me wind down after a hectic day juggling kids and work.

Is there one easy change everyone can make instantly that will help uplift and improve health?

Eat more vegetables!

As well as eating well and taking time to relax, are there any exercises or movements you encourage?

We all need to move to have great wellbeing, and everyone is wired to exercise in different ways. I love to run, and I am lucky to have Salisbury Plain on my doorstep, so this is easy for me too. Other people benefit from Yoga, Pilates or dancing. Find what works best for you.

Feeling great is achieved through…

Eating well, keeping hydrated, moving your body and positive thinking.

What super foods are best for dehydrated skin?

Lots of filtered water is fundamental to skin health. Topping up with lemon water, green smoothies, vegetables juices, coconut water and bone broths can make all the difference.

Can eating certain foods slow skin aging?

Foods for glowing skin include green smoothies, vegetable juices, bone broths, avocados, nuts and seeds. Eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables is essential to keeping skin young.

 Are there any ‘bad’ foods we should steer clear of?

Eating a little bit of what you fancy is very important in life. However if you are want to have great skin then it is best to avoid processed foods including diet foods and drinks, refined sugar and too much alcohol.


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