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How to treat eczema

How to treat eczema

Here's our top tips on how to predict eczema flare-ups and prevent them before they hit. 

You’re fed up of itching that scratch, can’t predict flare-ups and never quite understand how to prevent them before they hit. Panic no more (we all know stress can be a trigger!) we’ve taken away the guesswork and below are out top hints and tips for dealing with eczema.

Care for your skin daily 
Be religious with your skin care by keeping skin sufficiently hydrated, particularly after having a bath or shower. Keep the skin’s hydration levels high to reduce the likelihood of continuous aggravation. Choose natural creams and oils with anti-inflammatory properties such those in our calming Rose Otto range.

Avoid synthetic soaps or detergents 
Consider your choice of fabric softeners and products that you apply to your skin as some synthetic soap and detergents may upset the balance of the skin’s natural oils. Remember always wear rubber gloves with cotton lining when doing washing up or cleaning! Did you know that laundry detergents and fabric softeners can harbor in clothing after repetitive washing, meaning the constant contact of clothes on skin can trigger an inflammatory reaction?

Use cold compresses and moisturise regularly 
Prevent potential infection by keeping your skin calm, soothed and hydrated, reducing the inflammation and your inclination to itch! Avoid scratching your skin with your nails; instead use a cold compress to reduce the ‘burning’ sensation. 

Keep the skin clean 
Temperature change may cause you to sweat, which can in turn cause eczema flare-ups. If you regularly exercise, ensure you keep your skin clean and calm by showering as soon after exercise as possible. Use a refreshing body wash such as our Revitalising Body Wash or rehydrate with our Super Moisturising Body Wash.

Know how to treat the stages of eczema flare ups 
Use a body oil to maintain healthy, hydrated skin when you know you are prone to eczema flare ups. Daily use of body oils to help maintain your skin’s oil balance will help to build up and support your skin’s immunity. However, when experiencing an eczema flare up, it is important to protect skin with a cream. Creams will sit on the skin for longer, unlike oils, which will slowly but effectively nourish the dry and irritated patch of skin whilst providing an additional protective barrier for the skin. Find out which products we recommend for skin prone to eczema here. Our favourite combination is our Super Moisturising Body Oil to maintain healthy skin and our Rose Otto Body Cream to restore skin after a flare up.


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