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Ingredient spotlight: bamboo charcoal

Ingredient spotlight: bamboo charcoal

Find out why the ‘Black Diamond’ of skincare ingredients, used for centuries in Asian medicine, is so good for your skin.

One of the latest trends to hit beauty counters and the star ingredient in our new Congested Skin Sheet Mask, what is it that makes this bio-degradable ingredient so popular?

Often referred to as the ‘Black Diamond’ of ingredients due to its detoxing and clarifying properties, bamboo charcoal is highly absorbent. This means that when soaked in a blend of active ingredients (like the Zinc PCA, witch-hazel and Aloe Vera included in our Congested Skin Sheet Mask), it helps to deliver them more effectively to the skin for instant results.

It works particularly well to deep clean oily and combination complexions that are more vulnerable to clogged up pores and impurities, as it will remove any excess oil and draw out impurities and toxins without causing dryness, leaving skin clearer and more radiant as a result. However, being an all-natural ingredient, it's great for sensitive skin too.

What’s more, using products containing bamboo charcoal will also help combat the effects of pollution, stress and/or sun damage – highly topical these days as we are all increasingly aware of the effect these can have on our skin! Therefore, its use is not limited to oily or acne-prone skin; it also works beautifully on complexions that are inflamed or irritated by sun, pollution and stress.

Our final piece of advice? For results look out for products made from bamboo charcoal fabric, where the bamboo charcoal is blended to a pulp before being made into a fabric fibre, like our new Congested Skin Sheet Mask which has superior absorption powers and will leave skin beautifully balanced, hydrated and deeply cleansed (in the case of our sheet mask, in just 15 minutes!).


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Ingredient spotlight: bamboo charcoal
Congested Skin Sheet Mask - Pack of 4

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The Balance Me Congested Skin Sheet Mask is designed for combination, oily or acne-prone skin. Blemishes and inflammation are calmed without causing dryness or irritation. Created with naturally active formulas, the black bamboo charcoal sheet mask draws out and absorbs impurities to reveal clearer and more radiant skin. Skin is left balanced, hydrated and cleansed. What's more, the mask is sustainable, made from the pulp of Black Bamboo Charcoal and cellulose, making it biodegradable.

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