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Long-haul flight essentials

Long-haul flight essentials

Want to start your holiday with a gorgeous glow? Here’s our must-have long haul flight essentials for your holiday packing list!

Stay moisturised

When in the air, the cabin pressure rises which results in a humidity decrease to around 20%. To put this into context, our skin is happiest in 60-70% humidity! The low humidity of the plane results in loss of moisture from the skin and strips the skin of its glow. We combat moisture loss with our Hyaluronic Plumping Mist. A quick refreshing spritz of this throughout the flight will keep your skin hydrated thanks to the low weight Hyaluronic Acid.

Avoid snacks that are high in salt and sugar and drinking alcohol. Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and nibble on nuts, seeds and fruit to ensure your blood sugar doesn’t spike dehydrating you further.

Remember UV protection

Did you know that travelling by plane increases your exposure to damaging UV rays? Not only are you closer to the sun but, like most windows, the aircraft windows only block UVB rays and not the more harmful, premature ageing UVA rays. We recommend our Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF25 which provides protection against UVA whilst also providing moisture. Alternatively, if you’re looking for sheer coverage, try our plumping, anti-oxidising BB Natural Protection SPF25.

Reduce puffiness

Water retention can cause the skin to puff up due to the pressure change, this can make us look tired around the eyes. Our best-selling Wonder Eye Cream contains soothing Aloe Vera and Chamomile, works to reduce inflammation and puffiness. While the Hyaluronic Acid penetrates deeply to plump and hydrate.

Minimise oil production

Your skin will try to counteract the dry cabin air by producing oil but, unfortunately, this can cause break outs. We recommend keeping both you and your skin hydrated throughout the flight to limit the overproduction of oil. Our Art of Balance Set is a collection of hydrating travel minis making it a holiday essential! This set includes our Moisture Rich Face Cream and Hyaluronic Plumping Mist which works to boost hydration levels helping your skin to regulate sebum production and decrease excess oil production.

Final tip!

Try our award-winning Stellar Balm! Not only will it keep your lips beautifully smooth and hydrated, it can also nourish cuticles as well as heal any irritated skin. Top tip: use this balm to calm and sooth any itchy insect bites you might get on your holiday!


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Long-haul flight essentials
Hyaluronic Plumping Mist 30ml

30ml £18.00


Our Hyaluronic Plumping Mist is an instant shot of hydration and calm for your skin. Containing a totally natural form of Hyaluronic Acid - Hyacare 50, it really is a brilliant example of where cutting-edge science meets powerful botanicals. Hyacare 50 is derived from a probiotic and boasts anti-oxidant properties which penetrate deeply into all layers of the skin, leaving it looking and feeling plumped and calm. Chamomile water provides immediate relief for sensitive and hormonal skin, calming redness and irritation, whilst pineapple fruit extract brightens skin and balances oily or dry complexions. This hard-working multitasker, is perfect to calm unhappy skin, whether you’re in the office, at the gym, or 39,000 feet in the air.

Long-haul flight essentials

Our Balance Me Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF 25 provides a non-greasy and every day solution to protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Two different types of hyaluronic acid ensure that skin is hydrated and plumed from within, giving a natural dewy finish. Kukui Seed Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, whilst Lavender and Aloe Vera extract calm sensitive and reactive skins.

Long-haul flight essentials

BB Natural Perfection SPF 25 offers sheer, hydrating coverage as well as natural protection from the suns UVA and UVB rays. Packed with two different types of Hyaluronic Acid, this BB cream plumps the skin from within and gives an instant shot of moisture. Blackberry Leaf Extract is a powerful antioxidant, which protects from pollution and free radicals, whilst Titanium Dioxide naturally reflects the sun’s harmful rays.

Long-haul flight essentials
Wonder Eye Cream 15ml

15ml £15.00 £20.00


Our award winning Wonder Eye Cream is packed full of ingredients to refresh, awaken and lift even the most sensitive of eyes. Hyaluronic Acid provides the eyes with a shot of moisture and helps to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. A blend of Cucumber oil and Witch Hazel calms, brightens and works to reduce puffiness and inflammation.

Long-haul flight essentials
The Art of Balance Set

Set £25.00 £75.50


The Balance Me Art of Balance Kit contains seven mini skincare and body products, making it perfect for travel and for keeping in your bathroom, to complete your daily routine. A great introductory kit to natural skincare and for those keen to try some of Balance Me’s best-selling products. The Balance Me Art of Balance Kit will help to get your skin and body looking its best, naturally.

Kit Contains: Pure Skin Face Wash 40ml, Flash Cleanse Micellar Water 30ml, Moisture Rich Face Cream 20ml, Hyaluronic Plumping Mist 5ml, Wonder Eye Cream 7ml, Super Moisturising Hand Cream 50ml, Super Moisturising Body Wash 50ml

Long-haul flight essentials
Moisture Rich Face Cream 50ml

50ml £24.00


Gentle yet intensely hydrating, Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream is ideal for sensitive or easily irritated skin. Arctic Cloudberry is an anti-oxidant rich fruit that protects the skin from environmental damage. Aloe Vera has powerful soothing properties, whilst Rose Absolute and Rose Geranium Oils are anti-inflammatory and beneficial for treating broken capillaries and scarring.

Long-haul flight essentials
Stellar Balm 10ml

10ml £10.00


The Balance Me 100% natural, multi-purpose Stellar Balm comes in a pocket-friendly 10ml size, handy for keeping in your handbag, pocket or gym bag at all times. Featuring stylish packaging, this one pot wonder is the ideal gift for a friend, sister or as desk candy. Thanks to a beautiful blend of moisturising butters and calming Neroli, it has a soft, buttery texture.

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