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Artist Colours of Summer

Colours of Summer: Meet Brazilian Artist Jotapê Pax

We celebrate the vitality, happiness and excitement of summer with a colourful take-over

We celebrate the vitality, happiness and excitement of summer!
Brazilian Artist Jotapê Pax takes over Balance Me in Colours of Summer with his vibrant illustration inspired by the Balance Me ethos and exuberant beaches of Brazil! We couldn’t resist learning more about this vibrant and exciting Artist…

After a day of designing, how do you like to unwind?
I go back home, turn my music on and grab a sketchbook to draw freely, without thinking too much about what I am doing.

When did you discover you were naturally creative?
Since I can remember I have always been drawing. I remember being interested in comics when I was nine and starting to sketch superheroes. When I was 18 I used spray paint for the first time. At school, my colleagues and teachers would invite me to create visuals for covers, posters and signs. I realised my work was well received and that incentivised me to carry on.

When did you find out you could become a professional artist?
After experimenting with spray and acrylic painting, some friends commissioned some illustrations for their home’s walls. At first, I would only ask for the materials, so I would have some left for graffiti in public spaces, to give greater exposure to my work. As I started to become well known for my art, I thought I could transform this “energy” into work. (Jotapê refers to his talent literally as “energia”)

What’s the best gift to give a friend who has just moved house?
I always give my own drawings! (laughs) But what really impresses me in a home is art on the walls, sculptures, prints, etc.

Your designs for Balance Me are a colourful celebration, where do you find inspiration for a new collection?
My creations are always emotions translated into drawings. My characters are sensations. Each one of them represents a wish, some sort of desire. These sensations and experiences are the building blocks of anyone's personality. My aim is to depict my own everyday life experiences. Colour is the key characteristic of my work. For Balance Me, I envisaged a beautiful summer afternoon with birds and a breeze on my face. This is very inspiring for me!

What about when inspiration is lacking, how do you overcome that?
Inspiration comes from dedication and commitment. You must create everyday. Make something out-of-the-ordinary daily and you will have unlimited inspiration for the rest of your life.

Stress can have a big impact on many aspects of life (including our skin) do you find that design is almost a way of managing your stress?
Working with art is incredibly relaxing. After a day’s work on the streets or in my studio, I am visibly more chilled. This is my therapy!

Finding balance in life is all about…
Packing a rucksack and cycling away is the best ways to rebalance one's life!

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Meet Brazilian Artist Jotapê Pax

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Meet Brazilian Artist Jotapê Pax
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