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NOSH detox

Meet the detox expert: Top wellness advice for a happier, healthier year

I love January because its such a great time to cleanse and detox.  Our energy is so poised to grow and transform at that time of year, that everything you do in January has x3 the effect!  So it’s a really good time to make any of the physical and emotional changes you want.

Within Nosh Detox, January is our busiest period in the business; and it’s always a good time to stick in any new habits that I want to start.  [Tip 1:  most people wait until they are quiet to implement new regimes, but I find that when I’m busy, my new regimes tend to stick and become habits because I’m so focused on productivity.]

My aim since the beginning of December has been to get structurally stronger.  So I want a strong and toned body, but without getting muscular.

I’ve been working towards that goal since then December and ramped it up for January by signing up to the Tracy Anderson web streaming exercises.  Let me tell you, these are brutal.  And she sends you a new programme every Wednesday evening for the next week.  [Tip 2: Vary your routine continuously to get the most out of your exercise regime.  It works faster.]

Now since I’m working out more, my nutrient intake needs to go up too.  As does my protein intake.  [Tip 3: Have a natural Plant Protein every day and watch your hunger pangs disappear and your exercise pains fade away]  As a Raw Food chef, all my protein comes from plant sources, but I supplement my diet too [ see below].  Particularly since our immune systems take a dip during the February/March period.  I have worked out a regime that suits my increased activity.  [Tip 4: Spirulina with Vitamin C taken x2 a day ramps up Iron levels naturally and rapidly.]

6.45am Lemon and ginger infusion
7.30am 1 hour of exercise and 15 minutes yoga (4 times a week)
9am meditate [Another tip: when you’re trying to change anything in your life, add 15 minutes of meditation to your routine to see quantum leaps of change happen]
9.30am 1 litre of green blended juices with the Nosh Superfood added (Spirulina, Chlorella, Alfafa etc) and rye bread with a nut butter and honey
1pm lunch of a large salad (leafy green protein), with avocado or some other natural fats variation
4pm Nuts/seeds snack
8pm large green salad with tofu, lentils, avocado etc.


Feeling inspired? We can't reccomend NOSH's detox cleanse programmes enough! For more information, visit the NOSH website here.

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Meet the detox expert
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