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My Balance: Courtney Adamo, Babyccino Kids co-founder

My Balance: Courtney Adamo, Babyccino Kids co-founder

Mother-of-five, co-founder of  Babyccino  Kids, author  of ‘9 Months’, and world traveller (read about her family’s journey at, Courtney  Adamo  knows a thing or two about balancing her life.

What does balance mean to you?

I guess balance is a feeling of calmness, a sense of peace. For me, I often feel that sense of balance at the beach at the end of the day: when the work is done, the house is clean, the kids have been picked up from school and we are all at the beach in a mood to unwind and be together. In the bigger picture, having balance in life is really about being conscious of time — spending time with the kids, time with my husband, time at work, and even a bit of time to myself: that’s all important in creating a sense of balance.

Favourite simple pleasures?

Snuggles in my bed with Wilkie, our littlest [child]. My morning coffee - made for me by my husband. Reading with the children. Surfing with my two eldest boys. Coffee dates and wine nights with girlfriends. Ice blocks (ice lollies) on a hot day. Sneaking in a solo surf before picking the kids up from school. Dark chocolate after dinner.

How do you express yourself creatively?

We recently bought and renovated an old home, and I found it such an exciting and fulfilling creative process. I guess I really enjoy creating a space for our family that makes us all feel at home, whether that is a bigger renovation project or more simply just creating a cosy nook in our home or decorating a bedroom.

Which self-care ritual that makes you feel good?

Nothing makes me feel better than a surf in the ocean. There is something so rejuvenating and exhilarating about surfing — it is both the physical activity as well as the meditative aspect; not to mention the connection with nature. There is something about being in the ocean that completely re-sets my entire state of mind.

Courtney Adamo; @courtneyadamo; @babyccinokids


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