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My Balance: Eminé Kali Rushton

My Balance: Eminé Kali Rushton

Eminé Ali Rushton is Wellbeing Director-at-Large at Psychologies magazine. Eminé is passionate about wellbeing. She has a holistic approach to wellbeing, with a focus on liveable, simple, practical & affordable ways of living well.

What does balance mean to you?

The older I have gotten, the less I have come to equate balance with that seemingly elusive division between work & home lives. While I do think it’s important to switch off often, and be really strict about that, it's more about the subtle balance we strike when we begin to understand how we can live, work and thrive, holistically. Balance comes from simplest things – living in tune with our own principles, intuition & nature – eating seasonal food, going for regular walks through my local parks & woodland, growing & foraging our own food, breathing deeply, moving softly & often – all of these easy, natural things feed our bodies, spirits & minds, and bring a sense of balance to us as human beings.

It's easy to forget the little joys of life when you're caught up in the busy whirl of everyday life - so, what are your favourite simple pleasures?

So many. My gentlest days begin with an early morning meditation – rising to complete silence, while everyone slumbers on, wrapping up in my cosiest dressing gown & softest socks, then padding downstairs for a cup of tea, lit candle and gentle classical music, makes me feel as though I am in conscious control of my life, and choosing to ease into my day, rather than wake up on the back-foot, and dive immediately into DOING. I sit for 20 minutes, before the sun rises, and meditate. The best bit: when I begin my meditation in complete darkness and finish it with the sun rising… feels like such a gift, every time, but it’s so often missed in winter when it gets that bit harder to leave our warm beds.

If I have had a particularly tough, chaotic or frenetic day, I find that doing something as grounding, slow & still as possible is the only way to restore balance – so, I’ll line up a full online Yoga Nidra class, with Movement for Modern Life. Lie down, wrap myself under blankets, prop legs up with a bolster, light candles, and just surrender to a full hour of breathing, meditation and stillness.

What's your favourite comfort read?

I read Literature at university, so my favourite novels are old friends, and I often retreat to their company when I am feeling a little lost. Little Women always comforts me, because of its inherent morality and goodness… I love Mrs March’s softness & strength too… I think it was quite a formative idea of motherhood for me and got under my skin. I have also loved every single novel by Marilynne Robinson and Lauren Groff… such quietly powerful writing. I also read many books on yoga, philosophy, Ayurveda, meditation and Eastern Wisdom too… a recent read, recommended to me by Hen Norton, is Limitless Sky by David Charles Manners, which is just the most incredible sharing of truth by a man who spent many years with a Nepalese shaman. I found myself wanting to write it all down – or better transcribe it onto my heart! Just so true, powerful & illuminating.

What do you do to express yourself creatively?

Writing. It’s always been my freest outlet and not a day passes when I do not write something across one medium or another… even if just my end of the day ‘journal’ post on Instagram, which seeks to make sense of the things that might have challenged me that day; or simply to share some rising thought or simple idea; these common threads of human experience bond us so powerfully, and that is the magic of the language we share.

Tell us about the self-care ritual that makes you feel good?

I am such a fan of deep, long, hot baths. Water has always soothed me. Feet in the sea, washing my face, rinsing my hair, drinking cups of warm water all day long (prefer warm water to almost any other beverage, oddly). Turning off the lights, sparking a candle, pouring oil and salt into the bath, listening to the water pound into the tub, the steam rising… and that blissful, unreal moment as you lie down, and feel suspended, supported, free for the first time that day… just floating away. I also have no problem with re-using the water from my daughters’ bedtime bath, just topping it up with boiling before I sink in and let it all go!

What ingredient or dish are you currently most excited about?

There is an Ayurvedic adaptogenic herb called shatavari, that has been shown to be incredibly effective at normalising female hormones and supporting the health of the uterus. I take shatavari every morning, sometimes with a slug of organic aloe, to keep my hormones balanced. It takes around three months to bring stability to the cycle, but it’s been a very positive, noticeable difference for me.

And if you have one… what's your favourite Balance Me product?

It’s a tough call! I have always adored the Super Moisturising Body Oil because I used it through both pregnancies and it brings back lovely memories, as well as being incredibly effective (nothing makes my skin feel softer or more supple). Recently, I have added the Tri-Molecular Hyaluronic Serum into my daily routine – I use it after cleansing, both day & night – and my skin hasn’t shown any signs of dehydration all winter… that really is unusual for my skin!

Eminé Kali Rushton
Wellbeing Director at Psychologies Magazine
Author of SATTVA


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My Balance: Eminé Kali Rushton
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My Balance: Eminé Kali Rushton
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