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My Balance: Monica Beatrice Welburn

My Balance: Monica Beatrice Welburn

Monica’s blog, The Elgin Avenue, is dedicated to “leading a healthy, happy and inspired life”. 

What does balance mean to you?

I feel like balance is an ever-evolving thing. When I really dig down into it, for me it's about feeling fulfilled. Whatever recipe leads to that!

Favourite simple pleasures?

Oh, so many! When Oli, my boyfriend, brings me a tea or coffee in bed it feels like heaven –I love staying cosy for a while longer! Being by the sea is so restorative, and I could stare at the water for forever. Pottering too - I love just pottering around.

What's your comfort read?

Good question! I flit between lifestyle magazines, blogs and books. Anything which can stir up my imagination for a little while.

How do you express yourself creatively?

I feel like my job is really creative, and I am so grateful for that! I love styling shoots for my blog. I also love styling my home and rearranging my cushions – ha. Flowers also bring me so much joy.

Which self-care ritual makes you feel good?

Taking time for myself every morning before embarking on any work, or logging into social media. I LOVE my 'me time' first thing: it's my non-negotiable.

Monica Beatrice Welburn; @monicabeatrice


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