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My Balance: Rosie Green

My Balance: Rosie Green

Rosie Green is an award winning freelance writer and one of the UK’s leading beauty journalists whose work has appeared in Red, Elle, Vogue, The Times and The Mail. Find out what Balance means to her...

What does balance mean to you?

A sense of inner calm.

It's easy to forget the little joys of life when you're caught up in the busy whirl of everyday life - so, what are your favourite simple pleasures?

I love seeing sunlight through the trees, catching the smell of flowers as you walk past them, the warm bodyweight of your children snuggled up to you.

What's your favourite comfort read?

I’m re-reading Anne Of Green Gables with my daughter. Everyone should channel Anne!

What do you do to express yourself creatively?

I write. But not enough...

Tell us about the self-care ritual that makes you feel good?

I always use an aromatherapy shower gel in the morning and take a couple of minutes to breathe in the scent.

And if you have one… what's your favourite Balance Me product?

Rose Otto Body Wash. Super gentle and instantly uplifting. 

Rosie Green
Woman & Home Beauty Director
Spa Columnist for The Telegraph


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My Balance: Rosie Green
Rose Otto Body Wash 280ml

280ml £15.00


Our delicately fragranced, Rose Otto Body Wash formulated with an exquisite blend of Pure Rose Otto, Palma Rosa and Rose Geranium Essential Oils will soothe and strengthen skin in distress whilst also calming and balancing your mood through its soft Rose aroma. Skin will be left perfectly cleansed and balanced thanks to its sulphate-free formula that doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils.

#balanceme @balancemebeauty

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