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With Team GB already celebrating their most successful away Olympics to date, Balance Me HQ has been buzzing with our very own personal achievements...

With Team GB already celebrating their most successful away Olympics to date, Balance Me HQ has been buzzing with our very own personal achievements. OK, we may not have won a gold medal but why shouldn't’t we take pride in reaching a personal goal?
We invite you to share your Personal Best too –tag us @balancemebeauty to get in touch! Use #PersonalBestBME and we promise to congratulate you! 

Lisa – Online Trading & UK Partnership Manager
My Personal Best: Ok I have two is that allowed?! The first was getting back on my snowboard after quite a bad fall, which lead to a ruptured disc. Recovery was long and hard, but I got there in the end and after a very scary few minutes standing at the top of a run on my first trip back, just taking a deep breath and going for it was superb! The second would have to be about 4 years or so ago when my Husband and I decided to take the theory and practical exams to get our Skipper license! We love sailing and had been on quite a few trips with friends - but there is nothing quite like the two of you charting your own course and sailing off into the sunset to drop the anchor wherever you choose!

My Balance Me Best: My mum always steals my Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser and Flash Cleanse Micellar Water - these two have helped my sensitive skin beyond belief! I had no idea that the hard water in London can actually heighten redness and sensitivity - so using the Micellar water to take off my cleanser means I can now avoid it altogether! 

Clem – PR and Marketing Coordinator
My Personal Best: This would have to be my graduation. Celebrating 3 years of hard work (and lots of fun too!) and receiving my degree was both amazing and emotional. There were definitely times when I didn't think I was capable but proving myself wrong is something I am definitely proud of!

My Balance Me Personal Best: Congested Skin Serum. I started using this from day one at Balance Me and it has transformed my skin and cleared up all blemishes. I recommend it to anyone and everyone; it's my skincare saviour!

Kyra - Marketing Director
My Personal Best: Being someone who got lapped doing the 800m at school it was clear that I'm not a natural born runner.  However after surviving Meningitis at 16 I vowed to give something back, however small, to the Meningitis Research Foundation who's amazing work means that people like me are here to tell the tale.  I got a  place in the London Marathon and gradually built up my miles and made it round the 26.2 miles on the big day.  The crowds were amazing and carried me through even when I hit the infamous 'wall' at mile 18.  I truly now believe anyone can run a marathon if they put their mind to it.

My Balance Me Best: Stellar Balm - This little pot of magic does everything!!!  In one weekend I used it as a lip balm, on nettle stings and as an overnight mask whilst recommending it to a friend for her cold sore.  It may be small but it's mighty!

Gil – Senior Designer
My Personal Best: I was an Architecture student and spotted a contest to design a poster for the University's Annual Scientific Fair on our student notice board. Instantly the idea of an electric bulb that would have a match in place of the filament came to me. Just to make things more complicated, I wanted the bulb’s glass to be a spiral strip, just like an orange being peeled. This was 1996, and desktop publishing was in its infancy. It was a real challenge and I worked through several nights individually colouring each part of the drawing manually – transparency effects did not exist at the time! I ended up winning the contest and being invited to create all collateral and decoration for the event. That experience made me forgo Architecture and go on to study Advertising.

My Balance Me Best: Skin Bright Toning Mist is my favourite and I carry it in my bag wherever I go. It hydrates the skin instantly, leaving it plumped and reducing pores (it works for me!). The best part is the refreshing experience… when I am tired mid afternoon at work, I spritz and feel instantly awakened, ready to work a little more.

Carolyne – UK Retail Manager
My Personal Best: Whilst traveling in India I decided to climb one of the huge mountains there. I’m not a hiker but for some reason I was really determined to get to the top! Without any training, without hiking shoes, I just wore my trusty trainers! It was an amazing experience and afterwards I realised how much we can do when we put our minds to it. I’ve never done anything like that before! Luckily I wasn't aware beforehand that it would be an 8-hour trek... Eek!

My Balance Me Best: I am totally in love with the Tinted Wonder Eye Cream and getting everyone I know to try it. It’s  a staple to my morning routine.

Ursula Content Editor & Online Coordinator
My Personal Best:
A few years ago I hated running but decided to challenge myself with a half-marathon. Training was hard, some days I loved it and other days I hated it. Throughout the entire race I really believed I wouldn't’t finish so when I crossed the line at the end I was quite emotional! I always think back to that as a real personal achievement and I have huge respect for anyone who has ever completed a marathon!

My Balance Me Personal Best: Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm -I rave about the unique texture to anyone who will listen, it's a beautiful balm that gently exfoliates without drying my skin. It’s good for all skin types too so I’ve practically forced all my friends to try it!


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