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Rude Health

Quick Fire Questions with Camilla, Rude Health Co-founder

Rude Health founder, Camilla on what her last breakfast would be and dairy free diets

If you were having your last breakfast tomorrow, what would it be? 

It would be epic.  I’d start with a large mug of hot water, then onto the feast: a shot of green juice, small bowl of yoghurt, Ultimate Granola & fruit, followed by American pancakes with bacon & maple syrup and a cup of coffee.

What was your first ever job?

Washing up in an Italian restaurant. 

Are you a savoury or sweet person? 

Savoury, and also swavoury.

How do you balance your work and personal life?

Better now than ever before.  It’s taken 11 years of running the business to get to this place, so I really appreciate it.

Where in the world is your happy place?

More of an experience than place but camping.  As long as the weather is good.  Or at least dry.  It’s the simplicity of life in a tent and being outside that I love.

Why ‘Rude’ health? Where did it come from?

We had the idea bubbling away for a while. One day, we were eating breakfast, and I looked at the back of my granola packet – a brand I had been eating for years. I was really alarmed by the salt content, and I felt conned. I had been eating it as a health food, and it just wasn’t. I don’t mind treats, so long as they’re labelled as such – we all know that a packet of crisps isn’t good for us, but at least they're honest! So we wanted to create a product that was straightforward about what it contained.

What does ‘me time’ look like to you?

A day with nothing in the diary is a day of complete freedom, it doesn’t matter too much what I do with it, the point is having the time and choice.

Why is it important to have a dairy free diet in your eyes?

Interesting question.  It’s only important if you can’t have dairy for some reason.  Otherwise I’d definitely keep it in, and think about the quality.  One of the reasons we started making dairy free drinks was because of the commoditisation of milk.  It’s bizarre that we choose our milk by lid colour, which relates only to the fat content and says absolutely nothing about the breed of cow it’s from, or whether it grazed on pasture.  Once you’ve tried single estate or single herd milk it’s difficult to go back to bulk milk, which is collected from lots of farms, pooled (literally), then all the cream skimmed off, then put back in again in order to hit a certain fat content.  Then it’s pasteurised and homogenised, a process we don’t even think about.  Bulk milk is cheap - about the same price as bottle water.  This is an outrage and a travesty.  I buy Guernsey milk because I love the taste or I choose a high quality dairy alternative.  We made ours because we wanted it to be Organic, with no weird ingredients that don’t look like ingredients such as calcium carbonate or gums.  

If we came to the Rude Heath Cafe, what should we order? 

I must have eaten my own weight in cheese and kimchi toasties since we opened the café, and I still love them, so that would be my top recommendation.


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