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2014 skincare resolutions

Simple skincare resolutions that you can actually keep!

After putting away our dancing shoes post New Year’s Eve and finishing off the last of the Christmas food stash at Balance Me HQ, we’re taking time to think about how to bring some balance to our well-being routines. We’ve put together our top tips on how to get super healthy, glowing skin the natural way. A small change can definitely make a big difference…

#1 Go back to basics and moisturise!
A good moisturiser is a skincare staple and finding the right one for you can make a huge difference to your skin. Keeping skin hydrated will help keep skin smooth and protected throughout the wintery months. It’s a great idea to take some time to discover the perfect day moisturiser for you; nourish oil-prone skins with our lightweight balancing face moisturiser, or for some deep hydration try our moisture-rich face cream (which leaves skin perfectly primed for make up!). Mature and very dry skin will benefit from the plumping hyaluronic acid in our intensive wrinkle repair cream.

#2 Drink plenty of water
Glow from the inside out and sip water throughout the day, rather than occasionally glugging a few glasses in one go. We aim for 6-8 big glasses a day to help keep skin smooth and clear.

#3 Use an eye cream and take time to apply it
The perfect wake up call for your peepers on dark winter mornings! Lightly tap the wonder eye cream with your fingertips just under the brow (in an outwards motion) and then in towards the nose along the edge of the eye socket. Keeping this delicate area hydrated will brighten and revitalize, whilst helping to visibly improve the signs of ageing. We find applying our wonder eye cream is also a relaxing way to soothe eyes after a long day, so it’s a wonderful, calming skincare ritual to start and close the day.

#4 Opt for natural
We combine high grade essential oils with powerful natural actives to produce innovative, hi-tech formulations. Make 2014 the year you get tangible results the natural way! Check out the % natural we proudly stamp on each of our products. Read our blog on natural ingredients here.

#5 Try an oil – it’s the wonder treatment for all skin types!
Leave behind reservations about using an oil – those beauty editors and bloggers really are onto something! Ideal for even oily skin, facial oils help to balance your skin. Oil-prone skins can be brightened with our radiance face oil; just massage a drop into skin for a replenishing evening treatment. If your skin is sensitive, opt for our new rose otto face oil. Its slightly lighter texture is perfect for strengthening and protecting sensitised skin whilst olive squaline gives the oil an indulgent, glossy texture to leave skin with a sophisticated, radiant finish.

#6 Get brushing
Liven up a slothful circulation by body brushing in the direction of your heart. This helps to wake up the body, so it’s a great way to start the day. If it sounds like a bit of a chore, Balance Me director Clare recommends using two brushes rather than one to save time! Follow up with our invigorating spa-inspired super toning body oil massaged into skin to help combat dimples and dry areas.


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Simple skincare resolutions that you can actually keep!

Designed with combination, oily and blemish-prone skin in mind, the Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser is made with a blend of healing and balancing ingredients, to deliver optimum hydration to the skin, without blocking pores or irritating any blemishes. Anti-oxidant rich Spruce Knot purifies and balances skin, whilst Aloe Vera and Chamomile calm any redness associated with spots or acne.

Simple skincare resolutions that you can actually keep!
Moisture Rich Face Cream 50ml

50ml £24.00


Gentle yet intensely hydrating, Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream is ideal for sensitive or easily irritated skin. Arctic Cloudberry is an anti-oxidant rich fruit that protects the skin from environmental damage. Aloe Vera has powerful soothing properties, whilst Rose Absolute and Rose Geranium Oils are anti-inflammatory and beneficial for treating broken capillaries and scarring.

Simple skincare resolutions that you can actually keep!

Designed to target mature skin with a loss of elasticity, Balance Me’s Intensive Wrinkle Repair Cream contains Blackberry Leaf extract, a powerful anti-oxidant that helps to boost skins collagen production and protect against environmental damage and premature ageing. Hyaluronic Acid plumps and hydrates the skin from within whilst Spilanthes Acmella strengthens collagen to created a toned complexion.

Simple skincare resolutions that you can actually keep!
Wonder Eye Cream 15ml

15ml £15.00 £20.00


Our award winning Wonder Eye Cream is packed full of ingredients to refresh, awaken and lift even the most sensitive of eyes. Hyaluronic Acid provides the eyes with a shot of moisture and helps to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. A blend of Cucumber oil and Witch Hazel calms, brightens and works to reduce puffiness and inflammation.

Simple skincare resolutions that you can actually keep!
Radiance Face Oil 30ml

30ml £22.50 £30.00


Dubbed ‘dewy skin in a bottle’, Radiance Face Oil is bursting with ingredients to feed and nourish the skin. Amazonian Buriti Nut Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which help improve skins firmness, hydration and tone. Rosehip Fruit Oil addresses uneven skin tones and pigmentation, while Yarrow and Chamomile Oils have powerful anti-inflammatory and calming properties.

Simple skincare resolutions that you can actually keep!
Rose Otto Face Oil 30ml

30ml £24.00 £32.00


Keep skin calm and hydrated with Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil - a 100% natural, skin-strengthening rose oil for the face, which works hard to protect sensitive and red complexions.

Simple skincare resolutions that you can actually keep!
Super Toning Body Oil 200ml

200ml £20.00


One of the first Balance Me products ever created, Super Toning Body Oil is 100% natural and works to deeply hydrate and tone the skin. It contains a unique blend of Juniper, Bergamot and Geranium oils, to improve circulation and give the skin a more refined appearance. Jojoba, Wheat Germ and Macadamia oils are bursting with essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins to smooth away imperfections and target cellulite.

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