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Skin-loving Oppo Ice Cream Recipes

Skin-loving recipes made with indulgent and healthy Oppo Ice Cream

Oppo is a healthy ice cream with fewer calories and less sugar than an apple! Just 43 calories a scoop (60% less sugar and calories than regular ice cream), Oppo is made with natural ingredients, fresh milk and stevia leaf. 

Oppo was born from a record-breaking kite buggy adventure. Brothers, Charlie and Harry, travelled 1,000km in Brazil but soon ran out of food. To fuel this unofficial world record, they lived off foods growing naturally along the coastline. These foods tasted delicious and gave the brothers more energy than the foods they had bought with them. This sparked a revelation. There’s always been a divide in food and we’re forced on a daily basis to choose between fulfilling, mouth-watering indulgence and positive, wholesome nutrition. At Oppo they are creating a new way, as they want to lead lives that are as pleasurable and fulfilling as they are positive and healthy. That’s why they have created a luxury ice cream without all the calories and sugar. Oppo don’t believe you should have to choose between health and indulgence.

Here are some of our favourite Oppo recipes, which include skin-loving berries, proteins, healthy fats and a whole lot of flavour! It’s all about Balance!

Vanilla Berry Protein Smoothie
Raspberry and Rosewater Ripple Sundae
Mint Choc Acai Bowl
Quinoa Buckwheat Waffles with Salted Caramel

With thanks to Oppo for sharing these delicious recipes!


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