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Annie Clarke

Summer Body Tips with Annie Clarke

Annie Clarke, yoga expert and plant based foodie shares her Summer body tips

1. Summer is coming up, bikini season! Do you change your diet at all?

I tend to eat pretty seasonally - I try to be as in tune with my body as possible and so I adapt my diet based on what my body is craving. Generally in the winter, that means wholesome, hearty and warming food (porridge, stews, pasta etc.) and in the spring/summer I go for lighter, more refreshing food (big salads, smoothie bowls, more fresh fruit etc.). So while I try not to get too wrapped up in summer dieting, I think our bodies are a good indicator of what to eat at different times of the year.

2. What’s your number one tip for preparing your body to look great in summer?

Moisturise! Any change in weather can dry out my skin so keeping it hydrated is key. And exfoliating if I could have a second one!

3. Do you have any favorite summer beauty products?

I don't know if it counts as beauty but I have a sun cream made of hemp by a brand called Yaoh! I also love the new coffee scrub brand, Opitat. I'm enjoying the Balance Me moisturiser with SPF in it too!

4. We know you love yoga; do you enjoy any other kinds of workouts?

I try to think of yoga as separate to working out, just because I love to not worry about the outcome or trying to achieve anything in particular. Of course it still keeps you strong and is amazing for mind and body, but I love to workout specifically to keep fit too. I love to box, go to the gym and I run a bit too when it starts to get warmer! I love being outside so it's a great way to get some fresh air too!

5. What’s your number one tip for summer body confidence?

The moment you stop comparing yourself to everyone else, the easier it is to have confidence in yourself. And it doesn't matter if you are bigger, thinner, stronger, not-so-strong or anything compared to last year or ten years ago - because your body is doing so many other things every second that worrying about the way it looks is just another thing we don't need to think about!


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Summer Body Tips with Annie Clarke

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