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Summer skincare tips

Summer skincare tips

It's important to look after your skin in the summer, so we shared our top tips with our friends at fashion and lifestyle brand hush on the best ways to stay safe in the sun and keep that radiant glow all summer long...

Fake it ‘til you make it

We don't all start summer with a perfect tan and some of us may even prefer to stay out of the heat altogether! Our trick for a bespoke natural glow is to mix several drops of our Gradual Tanning Drops into your face or body cream before you go to sleep. Meaning you wake up with a beautifully sun-kissed complexion from head to toe.

Pre-sun prep

Before you head out into the rays don’t forgot to deeply cleanse with Pure Skin Face Wash. Simply apply with your hands and rinse off with warm water. This will help to clean away any excess oil, prime and firm your complexion and remove dead skin - ensuring a smoother base for that all-important summer glow.

Stay sun-safe

As much as we love the sun, or at least the idea of warmth on our skin, we are all aware of its potentially damaging impact on our skin. But don't panic, we have two natural, chemical-free SPF25 summer essentials (one with and one without a mineral tint). So, if you’re venturing to sunnier climates, try to stay clear of the midday sun and make sure you prioritise protecting your skin, especially the more delicate skin on your face and décolletage.

Keep cool

No need to get hot and bothered on the beach. Refresh yourself with a cooling shot of super plumping moisture and calm the skin with our Hyaluronic Plumping Mist. Top tip - for an even more refreshing experience keep it in the fridge until you hit the beach.

Evening glow

After a long (albeit relaxing) day on the beach, take some time for a little post-sunshine skin rejuvenation. Start with a full face and body cleanse to ensure you remove all sun cream used throughout the day. Don't forget the under-eye area is particularity sensitive so ensure you use our triple-action Wonder Eye Cream to soothe post sun exposure. Finally apply two to three drops of Radiance Face Oil to instantly plump and soothe sun-weary skin, so you can head out for that well-deserved cocktail with a radiant glow to match the sunset.

The perfect travel set

This summer we've co-created this stylish limited-edition summer pouch with hush. Filled with some of our favourite products it's the perfect companion to ensure radiant skin during your summer adventures both home and abroad. What's more, the set is worth £92 and retails at just £24.50, so it's the perfect chance to stock up on your travel-sized minis before you jet off on holiday. Shop here, or click the product link below to see the set in more detail.


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Summer skincare tips
Gradual Tanning Drops 30ml

30ml £22.50 £30.00


The Balance Me 98.8% natural Gradual Tanning Drops will give you a beautifully sun-kissed complexion. Suitable for both face and body, simply add 1 to 3 drops to your favourite face or body moisturiser, day or night. Formulated with a 100% naturally derived DHA, you will achieve a streak-free, natural looking tan with no unpleasant smell. We’ve added in a blend of moisturising Vitamin E and soothing Aloe Vera to ensure skin is nourished. What’s more, it is suitable for Vegans and vegetarians. Say hello to a natural looking tan, without even having to step out into the sun.

Summer skincare tips
Pure Skin Face Wash 125ml

125ml £11.20 £16.00


Pure Skin Face Wash is a sulphate-free, wash off cleanser that removes dirt and balances excess sebum. Great for invigorating the senses and packed with anti-oxidant rich Spruce Knot and Grapefruit Oil that purify the skin. Calming Aloe Vera combined with anti-inflammatory Moringa Oil make Pure Skin Face Wash the ideal, gentle cleansing solution for blemish or acne prone skin.

Summer skincare tips
BB Natural Perfection SPF25 40ml

40ml £19.50 £26.00


BB Natural Perfection SPF 25 offers sheer, hydrating coverage as well as natural protection from the suns UVA and UVB rays. Packed with two different types of Hyaluronic Acid, this BB cream plumps the skin from within and gives an instant shot of moisture. Blackberry Leaf Extract is a powerful antioxidant, which protects from pollution and free radicals, whilst Titanium Dioxide naturally reflects the sun’s harmful rays.

Summer skincare tips

Our Balance Me Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF 25 provides a non-greasy and every day solution to protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Two different types of hyaluronic acid ensure that skin is hydrated and plumed from within, giving a natural dewy finish. Kukui Seed Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, whilst Lavender and Aloe Vera extract calm sensitive and reactive skins.

Summer skincare tips
Hyaluronic Plumping Mist 30ml

30ml £18.00


Our Hyaluronic Plumping Mist is an instant shot of hydration and calm for your skin. Containing a totally natural form of Hyaluronic Acid - Hyacare 50, it really is a brilliant example of where cutting-edge science meets powerful botanicals. Hyacare 50 is derived from a probiotic and boasts anti-oxidant properties which penetrate deeply into all layers of the skin, leaving it looking and feeling plumped and calm. Chamomile water provides immediate relief for sensitive and hormonal skin, calming redness and irritation, whilst pineapple fruit extract brightens skin and balances oily or dry complexions. This hard-working multitasker, is perfect to calm unhappy skin, whether you’re in the office, at the gym, or 39,000 feet in the air.

Summer skincare tips
Wonder Eye Cream 15ml

15ml £15.00 £20.00


Our award winning Wonder Eye Cream is packed full of ingredients to refresh, awaken and lift even the most sensitive of eyes. Hyaluronic Acid provides the eyes with a shot of moisture and helps to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. A blend of Cucumber oil and Witch Hazel calms, brightens and works to reduce puffiness and inflammation.

Summer skincare tips
Radiance Face Oil 30ml

30ml £22.50 £30.00


Dubbed ‘dewy skin in a bottle’, Radiance Face Oil is bursting with ingredients to feed and nourish the skin. Amazonian Buriti Nut Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which help improve skins firmness, hydration and tone. Rosehip Fruit Oil addresses uneven skin tones and pigmentation, while Yarrow and Chamomile Oils have powerful anti-inflammatory and calming properties.

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