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Skin perfecters we love

The Skin Perfectors the Pros Love…

Have you heard about these skin superheroes that celebs and beauty pro’s can’t live without? Here, they reveal why they can’t get enough...

Discover our Skincare Superheroes that have earnt rave reviews from celebs and pros alike...

The Wonder Oil
‘It takes a lot for me to rave about a product but this definitely deserves the name ‘Super’,’ says Nicola Moulton, beauty director at Vogue. ‘It’s not an exaggeration to say I’ve been addicted since the very first time I tried it.’ She’s talking about Balance Me Super-Toning Body Oil, packed full of skin firming and hydrating  fatty acids, antioxidant and vitamins, Fellow beauty director, Sophie Forte at Harper’s Bazaar is also an admirer, ‘It’s like super food for the body.’
To really experience the full benefits of this toning and smoothing oil, prep the skin by body brushing first, advises Balance Me therapist Mandy Oxley Swan. ‘Then warm the oil in the palm of your hand and smooth onto the body in an upwards strokes towards the heart to speed toxin drainage. Use a knobbly hand massager to really work it into any troublesome areas such as hips, thighs or stomach. You can even add a little to your bath before or after your massage for a full body boost.’ Any why stop there?  ‘I use it on hair,’ admits Brit model Olivia Inge. ‘It smells divine.’ 

The Heavy Weight Hand Healer 
Toni Jade, manicurist to the stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney, is happy to reveal she keeps Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream in her kit. Not only does it provide hands with instant repair and all day protection, Jade reveals, ‘It’s also great for elbows, feet and dry patches.’  Victoria Pendleton also rates the industrial strength results. ‘My mum and I both agree this Super Moisturising Hand Cream works better than anything we’ve tried before and between us we like gardening, DIY, weight-lighting - all jobs that ruin your hands. It smells so good if you close your eyes for a moment the fragrance engulfs you in your own little, private spa moment.’

The Natural All-Rounder
Keep a pot of Balance Me Stellar Beauty Balm in your bag and there’s no end to the uses you’ll find for this natural, do-it-all balm. ‘#Multipurpose’ is how makeup pro Lisa Eldridge describes it. ‘Use as an overnight treatment mask, every day barrier cream, cheek highlighter, eyebrow groomer, cuticle cream.’ It’s now a family favourite. ‘I had an excited call from my mum today thanking me for introducing her to Balance Me Stellar Beauty Balm. It’s now her all time holy grail product for smoothing and hydrating her combo-dry skin,’ says Eldridge.
It’s also great for children, says Balance Me therapist Mandy Oxley Swan, who uses this all natural formula for smoothing chapped, dry cheeks and lips on her daughter.  This little pot of wonders also has A-list appeal, Hunger Games actress, Bruce Bundy, cites it as her favourite multitasker. 

The Instant Brightener
A clever combination of ground walnut spheres that buff off dead cells, fruit acid enzyme exfoliants and purifying clay make Balance Me Radiance Face Mask your brightening best friend. ‘For a gorgeous, party-time glow, use it for five to ten minutes while you’re getting ready. The clay will give you a deep clean and the fruit acids brighten skin,’ advises makeup artist Rebecca McMahon. 
Don’t let your face have all the fun! Share the buffing, brightening benefits with your body too. ‘The enzyme exfoliants are great for bumpy patches on the upper arms, where you need more than a manual exfoliator,’ suggests Balance Me therapist Mandy Oxley Swan. The beauty experts at InStyle magazine also recommend it for breakout prone areas such as the back and chest. ‘Cleanse the affected area then apply this clay-based mask. The clay will draw out impurities, clear excess oil and refine pores.’


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The Skin Perfectors the Pros Love…
Radiance Face Mask 75ml

75ml £18.00


Packed with ingredients to polish and hydrate skin, our Balance Me Radiance Face Mask reveals brighter skin in just 5 minutes. An AHA Fruit Acid Complex gently lifts dead skin cells, providing natural enzyme exfoliation, whilst Ground Walnut Shell Powder acts as a physical exfoliant to buff away dry or dead skin. Kaolin Clay clarifies and draws out impurities, whilst Aloe Vera and Lavender calms and soothes skin.

The Skin Perfectors the Pros Love…
Super Moisturising Hand Cream 100ml

100ml £10.20 £14.50


The Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream protects and soothes chapped and dry hands, flooding them with hydration. Benzoin and Yarrow are ancient skin conditioners that soften the delicate skin on hands. Shea Butter is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins to deeply hydrate and sooth the skin. Kukui Seed Oil gives a silky smooth feel and protects against the visible signs of ageing.

The Skin Perfectors the Pros Love…
Super Toning Body Oil 200ml

200ml £20.00


One of the first Balance Me products ever created, Super Toning Body Oil is 100% natural and works to deeply hydrate and tone the skin. It contains a unique blend of Juniper, Bergamot and Geranium oils, to improve circulation and give the skin a more refined appearance. Jojoba, Wheat Germ and Macadamia oils are bursting with essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins to smooth away imperfections and target cellulite.

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