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Tips for sensitive skin

Tips for sensitive skin

As sensitive skin can be caused by both internal and external triggers, here's how to keep it soothed, hydrated, calm and healthy.

As sensitive skin can be caused by both internal and external triggers, the key to maintaining soothed, hydrated, calm and healthy skin is to mix natural skincare products with a few simple lifestyle habits to ensure that skin is happy from the inside and outside.

1) Avoid skincare products that contain chemicals and artificial perfumes
These harsh ingredients are often hidden in everyday skincare products, and can really upset the balance of the skin causing it to become red, itchy and sensitive. Swap to natural skincare to help regain your skin’s strength and bring it back into balance. Balance Me products have often been described as ‘everything your skin might need and nothing it doesn’t’ and we proudly state the natural percentage on the front of all our products.

2) Drink up!
Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it is as important to keep it hydrated on the inside as it is on the outside with a moisturiser. Keep a bottle of water by your desk and in your handbag so that you can make a conscious effort to up your liquids throughout the day. Maintaining a healthy hydration level from the inside can help to make skin plump, smooth and glowing as water helps to flush toxins out of your body.

3) Master the weather
External factors such as central heating, air conditioning, summer days and winter evenings can aggravate sensitive skins.  The unpredictable British weather can make this very frustrating for those who suffer as a result! Keep an eye on the weather forecast and update your skincare routine accordingly. For cold weather, try using a rich moisturiser (such as our Collagen Boost Restore and Replenish Face Cream or Moisture Rich Face Cream) with the additional hydration of a facial oil (such as our Rose Otto Face Oil). Our Stella Beauty Balm also acts as a barrier cream, so apply it as a face cream to skin if the weather is particularly windy or to protect against cold air conditioning! For warmer weather a lighter face cream with a natural SPF is ideal. Our Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF25 contains a natural titanium dioxide sun filter which reflects the sun rays away from the surface of the skin, keeping it cool and calm.

4) Balance out stress
Stress is an internal trigger that can cause sensitive skin to flare up, because when we are stressed our immune system becomes compromised. Control this trigger by finding time each day to de-stress. You might find it relaxing to take an early night, read before bed, practise yoga, go for a run, take a bath – find what works for you and give yourself twenty minutes of ‘me-time’!

5) Balance your diet
The foods that we consume can have an external impact on our skin. Foods that are high in refined sugar or that contain artificial ingredients are a culprit behind many inflammatory skin conditions. Take care of what you put into your body, try swapping to organic foods when possible and swap the unhealthy snacks for nuts which are packed with skin-boosting vitamins to give your skin a healthy glow. We believe in treating yourself to a little bit of what you fancy for a healthy and happy lifestyle – so if you do fancy a sugary snack that’s fine, just enjoy in moderation! You will also find that cutting back on these food types will minimise signs of cellulite, acne and even premature aging!

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