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Brazilian Beauty with Vogue Brazil Beauty Editor

How I Achieve My Balance - Victoria Ceridono

Vogue Brazil's Beauty Editor tells us about her beauty favourites

Who’s the best person to ask about Brazilian beauty? Vogue Brazil’s Beauty Editor and Blogger Victoria Ceridono of course! She tells us about her skincare routine, Brazil’s beauty spots and how she finds Balance.

What does your skincare routine consist of?
I love to take care of my skin and do it religiously! I'm always trying new products and making some small changes to my routine, but it is basically this: cleansing, moisturising, SPF during the day and proper makeup removing, toning and moisturising at night with power serums or oils. I also use scrubs and masks on a weekly basis and can't leave without lip balm!

What was the first beauty product you bought?
Oh my god such a good question. I have no idea!! My first products were actually stolen from my mother (who didn't wear much make-up) - I took a liquid concealer and a eyeshadow palette. I also have early memories of a glitter tower with many different colours... And sunscreen! Brazil is so sunny and hot, I've been wearing sunscreen from an early age.

Are there any Brazilian beauty traditions you can share?
We love doing home recipes in Brazil - sugar and honey body scrub, babosa (from the aloe vera plant) to moisturise the hair, chamomile tea to make hair blonder in the sun...

How do you achieve balance in life?
I have a crazy (non existing) routine, so I try to stick to small things that keep me balanced: sleeping long hours whenever I can, drinking my green tea, having good meals... I recently started running as well, as it's perhaps the easiest sport to do as it doesn't matter where you are!

What are you looking forward to most about the Olympics?
I was very curious to see the opening ceremony and was so happy, moved and proud. It was truly amazing and showed so many of the wonderful things Brazil has to offer, we have such a rich and interesting culture. I'm mostly looking forward to see our volleyball and beach volleyball teams!

Can you share your favourite Brazilian dish…and cocktail?
It's not really a dish, but my two favourite Brazilian food are: pão de queijo, a cheese puff originally from Minas Gerais, and brigadeiro, a kind of chocolate truffle made with condensed milk, so sweet and so delicious!!
As for cocktail it has to be caipirinha! You can find so many different styles nowadays, with various fruits and even liquors, but my favourite is the tradition lemon, sugar and cachaça

What do you miss most about home?
The family dogs! Joaquim, a black labrador, and Benedita, a golden retriever

Where would your top three beauty spots be in Brazil?
In São Paulo a must go is Kennzur, a gorgeous spa surrounded by nature - you don't feel like you're in the middle of a crazy busy city. Also in São Paulo, my hometown, is my favourite hair salon, Marcos Proença. If you go to Pernambuco, in the northeast, it's worth trying the mud on the sea near Carneiros beach!

And finally, what would your one beauty tip be?
I'm never without my thermal water, from La Roche Posay or Avene. I mist my face each time I wash it, to neutralise the hard water, and also use it on the occasional blemish, after doing my eyebrows... It calms, soothes and makes skin much happier!

Read more from Victoria on her blog Dia de Beauté


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