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What causes skin to age?

What causes skin to age?

We want to remind you that your life is for living and enjoying, we're also here to help you prevent premature signs of aging.

Here at Balance Me we celebrate filling each year of our lives with wellbeing, health and happiness. As we age, we gather memories, achievements and experiences that we would never want to forget. Our bodies allow us to do all of these things and whilst dark circles under eyes and signs of dehydration could have you squeal with horror, reaching for bottled miracle solutions and vowing to never touch a glass of wine or escape on a sea, sun and sand getaway ever again, we want to remind you that your life is for living, experiencing and enjoying, and youth is more than the smoothness of your skin.

We are all more informed than ever on the importance of caring for our skin. Taking time to consider skin type, what our skin does or doesn't respond well to, and appropriate solutions to concerns, has become a normal part of keeping up appearances. At Balance Me we genuinely believe in making the most of the skin we have and embracing the changes we will see as we mature and experience life. Having said this, we also recognise the importance of presenting ourselves at our very best and discovering what we can do, not to rewind the clock, but to make decisions that can help to delay premature signs of aging.

It is important to address the stages of the aging process and understand how to respond to changes. For example, someone in their fifties and over may prefer to opt for a richer cream packed with collagen and elastin boosting properties to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst someone in his or her twenties may prefer products packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids to support skin at it’s most resilient. What’s more, we can make small changes to see immediate changes as well as maintain progressive changes over time.

“What can I do?!”

Lifestyle choices can drastically affect how quickly we can see signs of aging. It will come as no surprise that smoking, excessive sugar consumption and over exposure to the sun can play havoc with your skin’s health and leave their long-lasting effects in their wake. The good news is there are simple things we can do to ensure we don’t over-do it on these skin care sins!

We believe that supporting and nourishing our skin’s infrastructure with high quality, natural ingredients is the key to maintaining youthful, smooth and radiant skin. Alongside what we apply to our skin, being conscious of what we put into our body will slow the rate at which collagen and elastin fibers weaken. As for sun exposure, wearing an SPF has become widely accepted as a no-nonsense necessity however, we must be realistic and also recognize that Vitamin D is incredibly important to healthy looking, radiant skin!

"What can products do for me?"

The combination of results-led science and powerful natural ingredients can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and add that glow back into complexions.

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