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Heather Melville

Wow Women - Heather Melville

Get valuable advice on succeeding in the business world, from a totally inspirational female leader - Heather Melville.

This week we’re interviewing Heather Melville, Director of Strategic Partnerships at RBS, recognised in the 2016 Upstanding Financial Times Top 100 BAME Execs, winner of 2010 Women in Banking & Finance, WIBF, Champion for Women and recognised in The World of Difference 100 Award for making a difference to the economic empowerment of women. Heather has an awe-inspiring list of achievements and continues to support communities and women as a board member for Chartered Management Institute (CMI) with 30,000 female members and has been NED for 5 years at Enfield Enterprise. She shares with us her knowledge and advice for succeeding in the business world. 

1. Tell us, what first inspired you to pursue a career in banking? My first job was with Midland Bank (now HSBC), I’d always wanted to be Lawyer and at the time banking seemed like the best way to earn a living whilst paying for legal fees, I decided to stay in banking when I realised ‘I can make a career out of this’, I moved into international banking, with Daiwa Europe, followed by an 8 year stint with IBM, whereby, I sold payment systems to global banks. IBM really invested in me, empowering me through expanded new roles and finally enrolling me through the IBM business school, which I loved, although it was one of the toughest challenges I have ever faced in my career! It was there that I realised ‘I’m the only person who can stop me from being a success’.

2. What do you think is the most significant barrier today to female leadership? The biggest barrier we have is our own confidence. So many women won’t apply for a new job role or promotion they want because they lack the confidence to just go for it! Once they’re in a new role and doing the work they realise just how capable they are. A lack of strong networks and not knowing about opportunities can also be a challenge but ultimately the biggest barrier is themselves.

3. How do you tackle a challenge, be it personal or in your career? It really depends on the challenge but I usually tackle most things by first asking myself ‘what would or could stop me?’ I figure out what the most difficult part of the challenge will be and I address this first. It’s much easier after that! I always tell myself ‘you can do this’ and I ask myself, what would Oprah say?

4. One piece of wisdom you’d like to pass on? As you take a step up pull somebody up with you.

5. What quality or characteristic do you find most inspiring? Authenticity. Being your true self.

6. Which Balance Me product, inspires balance in you? I have a few favourites, Rose Otto Body Oil and Face Oil I just love the scent! I’ll quite often gift Balance Me Hand Creams, as they’re so hydrating and always well received!


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Wow Women - Heather Melville
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Wow Women - Heather Melville
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