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Mandy Hush

Wow Women - Mandy Watkins

We spoke Spring style advice with the super stylish Mandy Watkins, co-founder of casual-cool fashion brand hush.

Who better to get spring style advice from than the co-founder of the casual-cool fashion brand Hush. Mandy Watkins personal preference from fit to fabric is each new collection. Discover why comfort, texture and quality is always on trend.  

1. Clothing can showcase our personality, how would you describe your style and does it reflect who you are as a person? I like a well put together without trying to hard look. I prefer tonal to clashing colours and minimal to fussy. Which probably does reflect my personality. I'm Australian; we're a pretty laid back, casual bunch.

2. What woman inspires you and why? I think any woman who has faced hardship and found a way to overcome it. I'm conscious that I've been very lucky in life, I was born in a safe country, into a loving family, I received a good education and have never faced any true hardship. I look at what some women have to deal with and feel if they can manage I have no excuse.

3. Why is high quality, tactile texture so important? I'm currently wear testing a new pair of trousers and the fit isn't right, they're too tight and consequently really uncomfortable. I have to keep wearing them to test how the fabric wears over time but I hate putting them on in the morning (speaking of overcoming great hardships). I'm not one to suffer for fashion. I want my clothing to feel beautiful against my skin and move with my body. I hate any item of clothing that reminds me I have it on, if it's itchy, rides up, falls down, digs in… I won't wear it. A great fit and a beautiful fabric

4. One top tip for choosing what to wear? Find colours that suit you. The right colour can be truly transforming as can the wrong one. Find what works for your body type and stick with it. Don't be dictated to by trends.

5. The quality or characteristic do you find most inspiring? I love a can do attitude. It's easy to focus on why something is going to be difficult to achieve but much more inspiring/fun to be around a person who sees challenges as opportunities and gets on with it.

6. Which Balance Me product inspires balance in you? The Rose Otto Hand Cream. I have some in my top drawer at work and whenever I apply it the smell and the little hand massage I give myself feels like a mini treat.


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Wow Women - Mandy Watkins
Rose Otto Body Cream 280ml

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The Balance Me Rose Otto Body Cream is packed full of ingredients to replenish skin with moisture and essential oils. Skin will be left plump, softened and hydrated, thanks to a unique blend of anti-oxidant rich Arctic Cloudberry and vitamin rich Shea Butter. A trio of Pure Rose Essential Oils, with their anti-inflammatory and healing properties will provide moisture and soothe any redness.

Wow Women - Mandy Watkins
Rose Otto Body Wash 280ml

280ml £15.00


Our delicately fragranced, Rose Otto Body Wash formulated with an exquisite blend of Pure Rose Otto, Palma Rosa and Rose Geranium Essential Oils will soothe and strengthen skin in distress whilst also calming and balancing your mood through its soft Rose aroma. Skin will be left perfectly cleansed and balanced thanks to its sulphate-free formula that doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils.

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