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What is vitamin C and why's it so good for skin?

Find out more about the benefits of Vitamin C for skin, and how a natural form of this superstar ingredient can be just as effective as its synthetic counterparts.

Vitamin C is widely known for its health benefits, but did you know that this cult ingredient can also brighten and smooth the skin, brilliantly boost collagen and help to treat UV exposure?

It’s a real buzz ingredient in skincare currently, but with so many different formulations available, how to choose? We’ve been diligently developing our new vitamin C serum over the last couple of years, and now, thanks to a number of scientific developments we’re delighted to launch our Vitamin C Repair Serum. At last, a vitamin C product that is 98% natural and one that truly reflects the Balance Me ethos.

But what is Vitamin C and what does Vitamin C do? We’ve worked closely with our factory to incorporate a trademarked active ingredient called AA2G into our formulation. Unlike many others, this ingredient is a wholly natural, highly stable form of Vitamin C that has a prolonged and beneficial effect on the skin. It remains stable until topically applied and incorporates time release technology to ensure the most effective delivery to the skin. We’ve combined it with another cutting-edge ingredient, Melavoid (often used for pain relief in Ayurvedic medicine), to turbo charge its skin brightening effects.

In summary, our Vitamin C Repair Serum targets hydration, pigmentation, elasticity, brightness and texture at any age – ticking all the right boxes for our customers. And we’re overjoyed that so many of our industry friends agree. From Guardian beauty columnist Sali Hughes, who wears hers under her makeup (read her piece here) and beauty blogger Jane Cunningham, who earlier this week pronounced it the future of skincare (online here), to the beauty team at Marie Claire who have crowned it one of the ‘next-level innovators for 2018’ and the hundreds of Good Housekeeping Institute testers who awarded it joint-first when trialling the latest brightening serums, we’re so excited with the response we’ve received so far – and, we hope you love it too.