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What is natural skincare - and why you need it!

At Balance Me, we live by the mantra ‘honestly natural’ – but what does ‘natural’ mean? 

Natural [adjective] – not artificial; being in accordance with or determined by nature.

What is Natural Skincare? And what do we mean when we say something is ‘natural’? That it’s organic? Honest? Free from chemicals? Safe? Eco-friendly? Non-toxic? Unadulterated? There’s a sense that if something is natural, it's better for us: it has a rosy-cheeked, yoga-practising purity. But beyond the clichés, what does natural really mean in 2019?

The mantra ‘honestly natural’ informs everything we do – from the innovations we harness to make our award-winning skincare, to the clarity with which we label and disclose the ingredients in every single one of our products. So it’s vitally important to us that we clearly define the term.

Honestly Natural

There are plenty of products that claim to be ‘natural’, but look closer and you’ll see that terms like ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘non-toxic’ hide a multitude of sins. Yes, parabens are ‘natural’ in so much as they are a by-product of the petroleum industry and that comes from one of the world’s natural resources. But it doesn’t make it good for your skin, or for the world. When we say ‘natural’ it means it’s a sustainable, renewable ingredient that is kind to your skin – and to the earth. We have never – and will never – test on animals; and never use parabens, DEA, mineral oils, sulphates, PEGs, petroleum, silicones, propylene glycol, microbeads, artificial fragrances and colours. Our SPFs will never harm sea life. At Balance Me, we work tirelessly to create the very best skin care products that will bring skin back into balance, enhance skin’s natural beauty, solve skin concerns without creating others, whilst also delivering results naturally.

High Tech Natural

Natural doesn’t mean low tech. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries as to what is possible in natural beauty innovation to make skincare products which are as effective as synthetic products. Our formulations are sophisticated – not simple, and our products use high-tech natural ingredients to deliver exceptional results. Hyacare 50 is the totally natural form of Hyaluronic acid that we use. It’s a brilliant example of where cutting-edge science meets powerful botanicals. Hyacare 50 is derived from a probiotic and boasts anti-oxidant properties which penetrate deeply into all layers of the skin, leaving it looking and feeling plumped and calm. Meanwhile our Vitamin C Repair Serum contains Stabilised Vitamin C which incorporates an enzyme to release the Vitamin C over a sustained period of time. This action enables more effective delivery into the skin reducing the production of melanin which causes dark spots – a real feat, if we do say so ourselves! So what does this mean for you and your skin? That you can rely on our natural skincare products to deliver beautiful skin (and tackle everyday concerns, like fine lines, pigmentation and sensitivity).

Luxuriously Natural

Natural does not have to equate to worthy, no-nonsense, fragrance-free products. We use therapeutic essential oils to treat the skin and raise your spirits (so the Rose Absolute in our Rose Otto Face Oil doesn’t just smell like a rose garden in summer, it’s anti-inflammatory, smoothing and treats scarring and broken capillaries). Moreover, our natural products are a joy to use: our textures aren’t gloopy or heavy – they’re refined, sophisticated and feel gorgeous on your skin.

At Balance Me, our aim was always to create luxury skincare at accessible prices so that balance and self-care was within reach of us all. And it’s not just traditional skincare for the face that we specialise in; we’ve also created our Gradual Tanning Drops to ensure you always have year-round glow whilst our Luxury Body Care range is like superfood for the skin. Through our honestly natural products, we’re proud to give our customers everyday luxury. Self-care, every day.