Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF25 40ml


Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF25 40ml

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Our subtly fragranced moisturiser with built in natural mineral SPF, protects skin from UVA and UVB rays, while also shielding from free radical damage.
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Current Stock:
Our subtly fragranced moisturiser with built in natural mineral SPF, protects skin from UVA and UVB rays, while also shielding from free radical damage.
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  • cruelty free
  • honestly natural
  • recyclable packaging
  • made in the uk


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Great coverage but thick consistency

Written by Soraya on 3rd Jun 2020

I really wanted a moisturiser with a good spf and that had natural ingredients that wouldn’t upset my skin, so when I found this I had to buy it. It has great coverage and you don’t need to use a lot of it as it’s really thick! It can also make my skin look shiny when I don’t have makeup on but it does the job in terms of protecting skin from burning!

Good skin protector

Written by Claire on 23rd May 2020

Yes this cream is a little heavy/thick in consistency but it does smooth in fairly quickly and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. It protects my dry, sensitive skin without stinging and feels natural. I use it on my face and chest as a sun cream and you can use your usual moisturiser under it if necessary. It doesn’t block pores.


Written by Jo on 29th Apr 2020

This spf moisturiser is ok...I do use it every day and like it more the more I use it. It is really quite thick and does leave you looking very pale so I add a tint to mine. I have found that when my skin is dry it doesn’t absorb well and leaves me looking very shiny and a little sticky which I hate. I used to use a matt finishing powder with it. At the minute though, my skin is looking and feeling great and this stuff goes on so well and I don’t really know why...I’m just glad I’m not having to use the finishing powder any more

Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF25

Written by Sarah on 4th Apr 2020

I absolutely love this moisturiser and use it every day from March to October. I am a gardener and rely on it to protect my face as I spend so much time outdoors. It smells wonderful and the texture feels reassuringly protective.

Love it!

Written by Cecilie on 3rd Nov 2019

I'm quite obsessed with this lotion at the moment. I've tried many different lotions over the years, but this one really surprised me! I actually started using it by accident, and now I can't live without it. I love the smell, and yeah I will admit that the consistency is a bit thick, but despite of that, this is a moisturiser where I can see a clear difference!

Nat Pro Moist

Written by Oriel Billingham on 23rd Aug 2019

The product has an unusual smell and a really horrible consistency - it's so thick that it doesn't blend into the skin well, leaving a kind of white mask!It cost more than I would usually spend and does not appear to be lasting long. However, maybe it has lessened the uneven patches on my face.


Written by Jenny Hopkins on 22nd Aug 2019

A wonderful product and just right for my skin.

Great natural sun factor cream

Written by Vicki on 21st Jan 2019

Really like the texture of the BB Natural Perfection factor 25. It doesnt leave my face looking very white as many natural sun creams do

Excellent moisturiser with natural SPF protection.

Written by Ingrid on 19th Jan 2019

I bought this moisturiser for the first time last year as it had natural SPF included in the moisturiser. It was perfect for traveling in the heat wave last summer and kept my skin protected in the bright summer sun. I noticed my skin was naturally bright, balanced and gradually tanning. Knowing it's nearly all natural is an added bonus as I know I'm not damaging the environment whilst protecting and caring for my skin.

Protects my skin

Written by Elaine Evans on 19th Jul 2018

I feel confident when I use this, easy to apply and not greasy. Only reason not 5* is it does give that slightly chalky appearance which is not very flattering, I use this when applying bronzer and blusher and if not wearing any makeup I use the BB cream. Used on a recently holiday and it definitely protected my face.