Our Founders' Edit

Our Founders' Edit Our Founders' Edit
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Our Founders' Edit

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Our Founders’ Edit has been handpicked by Rebecca and Clare in honour of International Women’s Day. Created to empower you and all other fearless females on their skincare journey, it is, quite frankly, radiance, balance and confidence in a box. Five products. Five ways to stand up for your skin!

This edit is worth £104 and is available now for £50. That’s an incredible £54 saving!


Clearer, brighter, super-hydrated skin, with a side of plump and youthfulness. And don’t get us started on your glow. It’ll be nothing short of enviable.


This kit doesn’t discriminate, whatever your age – hey, every woman needs great skin! Those prone to blemishes, dehydration and dullness will be particularly fond of it.

Step 1: Pure Skin Face Wash 125ml
Squeeze a five pence piece sized drop onto your fingertips, rub your hands together then apply in circular motions onto damp skin. Rinse off with warm water then take five minutes – or ten - to marvel at your newly refreshed complexion.

Step 2: BHA Exfoliating Concentrate 30ml
After cleansing, pour a little onto a reusable cotton pad morning and evening, then swipe it over your face in circular motions, Feeling a slight zing? That’s ok! It’s working.

Step 3: Tri-Molecular Hyaluronic Serum 30ml
After cleansing, dispense 3-5 drops onto your fingertips and rub both hands together then gently pat it onto your face and take it down to your neck and décolletage. Enjoy the feeling of thirst-quenched skin. Bottoms up!

Step 4: Congested Skin Serum 15ml
After cleansing in the morning, dab some onto areas of inflammation or directly onto a spot using a clean finger. You can also use it all over your face, to help prevent breakouts.

Step 5: Pre and Probiotic Radiance Cream 50ml
After using your eye cream, apply 1-2 pumps to your fingertips, rub your fingers together and start applying it on your neck in upward strokes. Move up to your face and apply all over. Thank us later...

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Small Steps = Giant Leaps.

  • natural
  • cruelty free
  • made in britain


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