Pre and Probiotics

Protect, Strengthen + Balance Your Microbiome

Pre and Probiotics

Protect, Strengthen + Balance Your Microbiome
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Protect, Strengthen + Balance Your Microbiome
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Our oat milk cleanser and lightweight gel cream work well together to strengthen the skin’s natural microbiome thanks to our unique pre and probiotic complex. This gentle pairing will help your skin feel calmer and reduce any inflammation and redness to restore balance to your complexion. If your skin is feeling red, itchy, sensitive or suffering from breakouts, this pair is for you.


Expect a clearer and calmer complexion. Helps to balance the skin’s microbiome.


For all skin types, particularly blemish-prone, dry and a more sensitive and mature skin.

Step 1:
Apply one or two pumps of our cleansing milk to dry skin, massage all over and remove with warm water, and a washcloth if desired.

Step 2:
Smooth one pump of cream onto cleansed skin using gentle, upward strokes.

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Pre And Probiotic Cleansing Milk 180ml

Pre and Probiotic Radiance Cream 50ml

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  • natural
  • cruelty free
  • made in britain

"These perfect partners are brilliant if your skin is feeling itchy, irritable, out-of-balance or just needs calming down. Whether you've skin that's dry and sensitive, acne prone, or just tight at this time of the month, this pair contains our Pre and Probiotic complex, which will strengthen your skins natural biome. By stimulating and strengthening all the good bacteria on the surface of the skin, this helps to protect both the top and the deeper layers of the skin. Gentle and lightweight, both are going to make your skin feel calmer, clearer and brighter, really help to reduce inflammation redness and bring your skin back in to balance."

- Balance Me Co-Founder Clare


Learn to love your good bacteria with these two powerhouse products that nourish and help rebalance your microbiome.

What is the skin microbiome?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that benefit the health of the host. These microorganisms occur naturally within and on the body. Every person has their own distinct, ever-changing combination of these organisms on the surface of their skin, known as the microbiome. There’s trillions of these friendly bacteria on our skin, keeping it healthy, free form redness and irritation, and glowing.


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