Beauty Sleep CBD Concentrate 8ml


Beauty Sleep CBD Concentrate 8ml

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With a potent dose of purest CBD, our vibrant green oil brims with sleep-inducing actives, that may both ease and calm the mind, and support deepest rest.
Current Stock:
With a potent dose of purest CBD, our vibrant green oil brims with sleep-inducing actives, that may both ease and calm the mind, and support deepest rest.
  • cruelty free
  • honestly natural
  • recyclable packaging
  • made in the uk
  • 100% vegan


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Written by Jan on 19th May 2020

This oil has a lovely earthy fragrance which I find comforting. It’s a subtle sleep aid but I think it works well - I’m on my second bottle and my last one lasted six months.

Sleeping through the night

Written by Lorraine on 19th May 2020

Since using this oil, I am finding that I sleep for much longer periods throughout the night and more deeply. If I do wake then I apply some more and I tend to sleep again through to the morning ... or until my toddler wakes me up!

A real game-changer for me

Written by Bloomsbury on 28th Apr 2020

I was also lucky enough to part of the trial of this product for Balance Me and absolutely love it! I am a lifelong insomniac and all-round bad sleeper. Both getting to sleep and staying asleep. I have been putting this on my pulse points, my neck, ear lobes, a little on my chest and it really helps me drift off. A really soothing and gently enveloping smell. And if I do wake up I re-apply a bit and it works all over again. It really has made a huge difference to me.

Amazing smell

Written by Elle on 16th Feb 2020

Sleeping tight can be a bit of a challenge so I welcome this type of product that relaxes me so well that I go back to sleep and feel like I am having a spa experience thanks to a few drops. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks Balance Me for creating such a nice product.

Excellent product

Written by Caroline on 10th Jan 2020

I started using the sleep oil less than a week ago before bed. Definitely feeling more refreshed and relaxed in the mornings. I also love the smell, will definitely buy again


Written by Heather on 17th Dec 2019

I was lucky enough to test this for Balance Me. I've been really struggling to get to sleep for over a year due to anxiety and this has completely changed my sleeping pattern. I apply, then breath calmly and am asleep pretty quickly. If i wake in the night, i've been reapplying and getting back to sleep pretty quickly. So glad I have this, and a little goes a long way. Will definitely be buying, don't think i could sleep without it now.

Brilliant product - first full nights sleep since children

Written by Helen on 14th Dec 2019

I’ve always found it difficult to get a full, rested night’s sleep – after having the children I have never been able to return to sleeping all the way through. They’re too old to blame now so I assumed it was just another of those things that I just needed to get used to as I got older. When I was asked to try the Beauty Sleep Concentrate I was very cynical to say the least – I doubted it would work but it did! When I woke up the next morning having slept all night I was hooked at that point! Amazing product & what is even better is that I now have my Husband & 8 year old Son using it too & it works on all of us! Once I’d tried it I should have given it back – needless to say that didn’t happen & I’ve hung onto it for dear life! Brilliant product!!

CBD Sleep saviour

Written by Sophie on 14th Dec 2019

I was lucky enough to panel test this Concentrate and have already repurchased. It really works. I’ve suffered wakeful nights for several months due to anxiety and I’m consistently sleeping better. Worth every penny. A little goes a long way.

Rest and Relaxation - but too expensive

Written by Raven on 13th Dec 2019

As an insomniac always in search of anything to help me sleep I was delighted to be invited to test this product, and whilst I can't say that it actively improved the quality of my sleep, I did find the warming scent strangely addictive and excellent in helping me relax into a more restful & calm state of mind. So much so, that having nearly finished my tester's bottle I was very keen to purchase once released - thus am really disappointed to see it so expensively priced - unfortunately out of my reach - what a shame...