Arctic Cloudberry - a hero for dehydrated skin

Arctic Cloudberry - a hero for dehydrated skin

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The skincare ingredient with a superhero status.

A natural fruit that’s rich in skin-boosting omega and possesses powerful antioxidant properties giving you clearer, smoother, more hydrated skin? Meet the  Arctic Cloudberry - a wonder ingredient.

What exactly is Arctic Cloudberry?

It’s a rare berry that flourishes in the harshest winter environments. Its unique qualities (such as having three times the vitamin C content of oranges) make it highly sought after in Scandinavian countries, not just to eat but also as a medicine thanks to its healing qualities. Arctic Cloudberry is used to treat burns and skin diseases, due to the hydration and moisture it imparts when used on the skin.

How will it help my skin?

Arctic Cloudberries contain Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, which are crucial for healthy, soft skin. They’re packed with vitamins C, E and A, which act as antioxidants to neutralise toxins and protect skin cells from breaking down, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to this trio of vitamins, this arctic fruit can maintain its moisture levels eve in remote, freezing climates, making it a true hero for dry and dehydrated skin as it will hydrate, plump and protect skin cells.

Where can I find this superhero skincare ingredient?

You don’t need to be an arctic explorer to feed your skin with this super-hydrating berry.  You’ll find it in a number of our cleansers, moisturisers and body products.

Super Berry Cleansing Balm: A unique recipe of Raspberry Seed, Blackberry and Arctic Cloudberry Oils, along with a high concentration of Jojoba and Rosehip Oil leaves skin purified, refreshed and luminous.

Moisture Rich Face Cream: A sophisticated cream moisturiser rich in anti-oxidants and essential oils that provide deep nourishment and leave skin with a satin smooth finish.

Rose Otto Face Oil: A nut-free facial oil that will strengthen skin and prevent redness. Arctic Cloudberry makes it the best choice for hydrating and protecting sensitive skins.

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