3 Energising Yoga Poses to Get Your Glow

3 Energising Yoga Poses to Get Your Glow

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As we’re all stuck in doors right now and looking for ways to stay balanced in body and mind, why not try a spot of yoga, even if historically it’s not been your ‘thing’? Getting the blood flowing and body moving with a few strong yoga poses will help you kick the daily Covid-19 gloom out of the window and survive the uncertainty that is hanging in the air around us. We all need a boost to help our mind and body remain resilient, we believe and our friends at  Yogamatters share 3 of their favourite energising yoga poses which we hope will give your body and mind a much-needed daily boost.

Downward-Facing Dog

Getting your head below your heart in a mini-inversion can do wonders for energising your body and clearing the mind. Downward-Facing Dog is a more than just a transition into other poses, it is a powerful pose to strengthen the core, shoulders and arms and stretch the whole back body. This pose also gives you the benefits of an inversion, without the strain and challenge of a full inversion.

From a tabletop position spread your fingers wide and push your fingertips into the mat. Tuck your toes under and begin to lift your hips towards the sky as you stretch your legs and energetically send your heels down towards the mat. You can keep a bend in the knees if you feel your spine curving and shoulders rounding as you reach your sit bones up and straighten your legs.

To really get the body moving and energy flowing you can inhale and bring one leg up towards the sky and then exhale as you shift forward to a high plank while you tuck your knee towards your chest. Repeat this motion 3-5 times, moving with your breath and then change to the other leg.

Crescent Lunge

This strong pose is perfect to build on your flow from the Downward-Facing Dog. When you shift forward to your plank with your knee tucked to the chest, place your foot down in between your hands and lower the back knee onto the mat. From this low lunge, inhale and reach your arms up, engage your core and keep your hips squared. From here you can challenge your balance further by tucking the toes of the back foot under, and lifting the knee up so you are balancing in a high lunge. If you feel confident here, you can add a small backbend and shift your gaze upwards. Wherever you are, hold the pose for 5 breaths before you place your hands back on the top of the mat and shift back to your down dog. Repeat on the other side.

This strong pose will strengthen your legs and challenge your balance, while adding a small backbend will help you open up the chest and heartspace.

Goddess Pose


The Goddess pose is the ultimate fiery asana, to help you feel energised and powerful in your practice. Once you make your way into this pose, there’s no doubt that it strengthens and works your legs and lower body, but breathing deeply into this pose will help generate heat and a grounding energy in your body, that will make you feel glowing and revitalised.

Start by standing with your feet wide on the mat, and your toes slightly turned out. Exhale as you bend your knees and lower your seat. Inhale and reach your arms up. From here you can choose to stay still and focus on your breathing, or you can move your upper body in a way that feels good to you. Try placing one hand on each knee and twist your body from side to side, dipping one shoulder towards the ground on the exhale, and coming back to centre on each inhale. Alternatively try reaching one arm up and alternate between stretching each side of the upper body.


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