5 Tips For Happy Teen Skin

5 Tips For Happy Teen Skin

Posted by Rebecca Hopkins on

Healthy, happy skin can seem unachievable when hormones and stress are all over the place in our teen and tween years.

However, simple daily habits and a  good skincare routine can have a big impact in what you see in the mirror.

Our co-founder Rebecca, shares her top 5 tips for happy teen skin:

  1. Avoid touching your face.
    Bacteria is easily transported from hands to face causing breakouts. Wash hands often and avoid touching and picking at your face.
  2. Be Hygienic
    Keep your washcloths, muslin cloths and beauty brushes as clean as possible by washing them often. This will prevent the spread of bacteria. And never share your beauty brushes!
  3. Don’t clog
    Avoid covering your face with thick, pore clogging make-up. It may be tempting to cover up but some products can block the pores leading to even more breakouts especially if your make-up isn’t removed properly.
  4. Healthy Balanced Diet
    Eat clean, healthy food and drink plenty of water to keep your cells hydrated. Don’t avoid sugar, we all love a sweet treat every now and then, but a high sugar intake can be inflammatory and aggravate acne.
  5. Gentle Products
    Try to limit your use of chemical laden products as these can aggravate skin conditions and sometimes cause new skin concerns. Instead look for gentle,  natural products that don’t strip your skin.
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