A Journey Through Menopause: Navigating life with Clare and Rebecca

A Journey Through Menopause: Navigating life with Clare and Rebecca

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October, Menopause Awareness Month, prompts reflections not only on hormonal changes but also on how this transformative phase affects our skin. Today, we share the inspiring journey of Clare and Rebecca, founders of Balance Me, as they navigate midlife, stress, and the quest for better, balanced skin.

The Stress-Skin Connection: Hormonal outbreaks, skin sensitivity, and lack of sleep become more apparent as hormonal imbalances collide with the day-to-day activities of an on-the-go lifestyle. The shift to natural remedies and products introduced by Clare has sparked a passion for holistic wellness, which supported the founder's journey through menopause.

How Stress Ages the Skin: Stress acts as a trigger for various skin issues:

  • Lack of Sleep: Leading to dark circles.
  • Loss of Glow: Resulting in dull, lacklustre skin.
  • Loss of Tone/Rough Texture: Diminishing skin's elasticity.
  • Sensitivity/Redness/Rosacea/Psoriasis: Manifesting in various forms.

In response to these concerns, Clare and Rebecca, acting as their own guinea pigs, innovated effective solutions. For example, the Vitamin C Eye Brightening Serum enriched with Green Caffeine emerged, addressing dark under eye circles, and promoting healthy, glowing skin.

Community Concerns and Innovations: Feedback from their community mirrored Clare and Rebecca's experiences, highlighting concerns such as dehydration, hyperpigmentation, loss of 'bounce,' and hormonal outbreaks. This feedback fuels Balance Me's innovation process, leading to the launch of products like the Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum, a natural alternative to retinol.

Navigating Milestones: Balancing family life with a successful business, Clare and Rebecca understand the challenges of life. From teen skincare to pregnancy and now midlife concerns, their product range adapts to various life stages. Products like BHA/Salicylic acid cater to both teens and midlife, providing tailored solutions for both them and their teens.

Practical Advice: Clare and Rebecca suggest asking yourself essential questions like:

  • Skincare Routine: Do you have one, and have you adapted it for midlife?
  • Three-Step Routine: Cleanse, Treat, Moisturise.
  • Quality Sleep: Are you sleeping well? Consider rituals and skincare adjustments for night-time.

The Power of Touch and Connection: Clare emphasizes the importance of massaging the skin, encouraging blood flow, and draining lymph to combat sluggishness in midlife. Products like the Super Firming Body Oil, and incorporating dry skin body brushing, promote a healthy skin routine.

Mood Support: Rebecca stresses the impact of aromas on mood, advocating for essential oils' mood-enhancing properties. The Balance Being Oil, aims to address midlife challenges by bringing physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Clare and Rebecca's journey through midlife is not just a personal story but a roadmap for anyone seeking balance and healthier skin. By asking essential questions, adapting skincare routines, and embracing natural, innovative products, midlife can be a time of rediscovery and self-care.

In celebration of menopause awareness month Clare and Rebecca have launched their latest skincare product, targeting a gap they saw in their current routines.

“The Balance Me Tripeptide Plumping Cloud Cream is not just a skincare solution; it is a revelation tailored to the unique requirements of midlife skin. As female founders ourselves, we comprehend the significance of nourishing our skin during this transformative phase.”

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