83% had glowing skin in just 3 days with our No.1 glow-boosting serum*

*Tested on a panel of 58 women aged 18-64 over 30 days

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Celebrating 5 years of glow

“This year we're celebrating FIVE years of our multi-award-winning and bestselling Vitamin C Repair Serum. Thank you for sharing the love of its super smooth texture, 'burst of sunshine' aroma and skin bright qualities with five years of incredible results, outstanding testimonials and 5-star reviews. That's 1826 daily doses of highly stable Vitamin C joy for your skin! To celebrate these amazing 5 years, for every purchase of our Vitamin C Repair Serum we will be donating 1 product to our official charity partner, The Hygiene Bank." - Rebecca & Clare Hopkins, Sisters & Co-Founders

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A Balanced Formula for Radiant Results

We focus on balance, formulating our Vitamin C Repair Serum with a highly stable, slow-release Vitamin C active called AA2G that doesn’t degrade over time, unlike AA, a popular choice in many other formulas. We use it at a clinically proven optimum level that delivers outstanding results,including significant improvements in wrinkle reduction, brightening skin, reducing age spots and improving moisture.

Our Vitamin C works in synergy with other potent ingredients that make up our balanced formulation.

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Top Note

Mandarin & Sweet Orange

Fresh, vibrant and stimulating with skin toning benefits

Middle note


Enlightening and healing fragrance with calming benefits

Bottom note

Ylang Ylang & May Chang

Efferverscent and illuminating scents which help with anxiety and nervous tension